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Even DG Hisham openly said it! Our hospitals have reach their capacity! So tell me, where to put those extra Covid patients now! On the streets like in India!
So our ministers are on full denial yesterday about MCO 3.0! But you know i know they will say it's fake news until it becomes reality! Then then pretend like they never deny it in the first place!
We have been told about fake MCO 1.0 and fake MCO 2.0! So i think we have wise up!


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it was fake news last weekend, this week it will become genuine news soon, wakakaka

Malaysia boleh mah, aiyoyo pls la get use to Malaysia's culture la. We always suka flip roti canai one, wakakakaka


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society is like that one. do nothing, you kena taruk, do something, will kena taruk also.

when public pressure is high enough, suka tak suka , gomen will do some Bollywood show to show they are doing something lor to buy public feeling.

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