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Do you know how much Zafrul was earning as Cimb Ceo! Yeah, 10 mil a year! So you think 9 mil difference is a good thing!
Of course been MOF is like been a PM! You are the gatekeeper! But having said that, we are not the same Malaysia decades ago! Malaysia is not an oil rich nation it once was!
In fact, we are now net importer of oil! Petronas export our expensive oil and import cheap once from Saudia! But nowadays, our oil export is actually not that great! Malaysia no longer a player in OPEC like it once was! In fact OPEC members don't even give a damn about tiny burdening Malaysia! That's why Malaysia nowadays hardly get notice by OPEC members!
Anyway, for Zafrul, been MOF is more of a burden than a privilege! He has to balance a tough situation!
Let's face it, after decades of plunder, our book is really bad at this point! Fortunately as a proffesional banker, he knows what to do! That's why MOF should be held by professional going forward! The moment a politician holds it, we are doom!

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Raise debt ceiling to 65% of GDP can go up never come down

open Parliment for debate show what zafral got

Vietnam is alot richer than malaysia


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myr10million a year by lending to Airasia ka? no wonder airasia end up so huge debts. if debts become NPL, then how to count KPI now?? wakaka

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Malaysia was doing quite well under bossku & bossku-led bn

until then opposition allied with unhappy frustrated splinter rebel malay factions to bring down bossku & bossku-led bn with heavily spinned up 1mdb so called 'debacle'

when 1mdb was in fact a fantastic idea intended to bring all ipp under control of one single superglc, i. e. 1mdb subsidiary edra energy

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what a shameful conspiracy that was

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the biggest farce in the history of malaysian politics

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