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It's been horrible 4 years for retail investors! I mean, from fantastic economy back in 2018, we are now laughing stock of the rest of our neighbours! Vietnam, Thailand even Indonesia are bypassing us very fast!
Even Jokowi is now hailed by western leaders! Well, obviously because Indonesia is the new China to milk anyway!
In EV sector, Vietnam already exporting their electric cars to US! Yeah, the once backward Vietnam!
Indonesia already becoming hub for EV manufacturers! As for Malaysia, i don't know! It seems flying cars will be the leapfrog innovation that we all be proud off!
What i am trying to say is, after many change of administration, nobody in Putrajaya is concern about our state of economy! And nobody cares about returns of investment from bursa too!


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In fact things have getting so bad and corrupted! Just look at Serba! Turns out to be another scam company! And yet SC and Bursa kept blind eyes!


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Limit up phenomenon will be less likely for 2022 as there is no upper limit in the stamping fees.

The mountain shape chart will be not that steep.


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yes, next year will be as bad as this year for our Bursa. downhill and into the abyss. sell into any small up hill and stay sideway. our market only care for short term profit. small brains. no foresight. many Serbas coming,

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