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One of DAP greatest achievement is the Lims ability to turn local chinese against MCA! It's something CCP would love very much!
I mean, during Chairman Mao era, he would turn even family members against each other and report any anti CCP activity voluntarily!
So how did MCA gone from strong support from local chinese to now totally deserted party!
Well, the Lims promised local chinese that they will fight for equal rights! This Malaysia for malaysians mantra really capture hearts and minds of local chinese!
GE14 saw the full harvest of such loyalty towards DAP! MCA was totally destroyed!
Unfortunately, the 22 months of extremely disastrous Mahathir administration has seen support for Harapan dwindle by huge margin! Melaka by election is something that i didn't even predict at all! I am just as shock as everybody!
But what is more apparent now, DAP is playing much more dominant role in Harapan! Anwar Ibrahim is irrelevant and you know it, i know it so do everybody!
But the Lims have this notion that Mahathir can save Harapan! And so we seen the planned takeover of Mahathir parties like Pejuang, Muda and Warisan and the new KBM to replace PKR!
PKR may become the tiny party in Harapan!
My question is, will local chinese remain loyal to DAP! Because chances of this again, new Harapan is getting dimmer by the day if indeed Mahathir parties gain entry!
Well, you guess is as good as mine! Unfortunately MCA may not win back local chinese support even knowing that Harapan will not stood a chance to win GE15!


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I shall vote for Abang Viva n Abang Gurdwara !

They work for all Malaysians.


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You think the Chinese cannot evaluate political situation themselves, so much so they need the DAP Lims?

Come on! Don't underestimate the Chinese's capability and draw parallel to MCA swines.

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DAP is not better than MCA, havent U read whatsayyou's posts, how that formerly elected lawyer of DAP in Malacca, betray his client n help 2 lie to free defendant for very serious offence. Luckily he was not elected again, can U trust a person like him 2 stand for the public fairness?

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