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It's really foolish that government subsidies half of our fuel! Fuel subsidies is the biggest portion of allocation!


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Looking at Norway, where their cars are now almost all EVs, government don't even bother about fuel subsidy! Mind you, Norway major export is oil! And yet, they don't burden themselves with subsiding fuel at all!


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We don know the reason for Malaysia slow implementation is because of political reason! Too many cronies to take care!
But for how long! Even Indonesia and Thailand are moving much faster that us right now!
Thailand already start to export their EVs to Malaysia! And eventually, Thailand or Indonesia will be BYD biggest plant!
And as usually, Malaysia remain in dark age! But this round this are different!
Oil export will dwindle in coming years! Oil will not be major driven! US dollar will crash as more and more nations electrify their vehicles!
China will be the first nation to be 100% fossil fuel free cars in coming years! And i am sure, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia will be next!
Malaysia, haix, no need to say much! Useless government!


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Cap ayam engineers with low quality education.
Do not know how the technicalities work.
Cannot solve problem and always refers to vendor.
Political interference. What is it in for me?

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