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What can we say! Bursa is now at historic high! Ringgit is the strongest currency in the world!
We are super proud! Retail investors are laughing all the way to the bank! Singaporeans envy us now because ringgit is at par with Sing Dollar!
Malaysia Boleh! Thanks to the best finance minister in the world! Love our PM!

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I know! I know! We are all so very proud to be malaysians right now! Even in US, if you mention you are malaysian, they will bow down in respect! Even in China, the world 'Malaysia' send fear and admiration beyond the universe!
PM Anwar must be smilling ear to ear! I mean for over 20 years he bragged that he can turn Malaysia around overnight! He is vindicated for sure!


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Rinngit is not the worst performer.. pls learn some fundamental economics if ure in bursa ... dont listen to some kopishop talkshow here
GDP and growth still doing good... however , our political instability is going to affect bursa for the coming months... and tobby hope hadi will be his beloved PM !

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Tan Sri Lim certainly knows PAS will be the next government!


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and the preacher will be ur PM , i really do hope what kind of joke malaysia will be
Kelantan kedah terengganu states coming to all lets go back to the olden days country road !


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The social problems in the 3 states no better than other States.

Posted by FortuneBull777 > 2023-06-06 23:12 | Report Abuse

All i can say is, let's see if PAS fake holymen know how to handle Malaysia 700 billions debt, and the yearly interest of 27 billions admist dwindle Petronas oil reserve!


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It will be too late by then. Malaysia will b in economic

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Oh, did i mention yearly budget of over 300 billions! And 100 billions just for civil servants, gaji buta lawmakers and pensioners!

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And mind you, with that remaining 200 billions, hardly anything for new infrastructure development!
I guess those PAS fake holymen can pray to their Alah and money drop from the sky!

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So you see, playing with Islam card is so easy if you are in opposition! But if those PAS fake holymen actually becomes the government of the day, they can't manage Malaysia at all! Even our big mouth PM Anwar can't!


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He is managing the hardest gov of all time... and u expect it to be perfect, it is the best it can be done...


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How tobby.... today market bull is it because anwar or no??? only down is because anwar? and blame

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