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You know Pas fake holymen are a bloody hypocrite bunch! During their 33 months, 4D draw was suddenly increased rather than ban gambling altogether!
Anyway, i am not complaining about it since i do enjoy pundit 4D! It's like going to temple for me! I mean, it's like getting my prayer answered everytime i hit my number! But it's like once in a while! But its' more of getting some thrill out of it!

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And now Pas is dragging malaysian church leaders into the pit! They want church leaders to make a stand against gambling! Please church leaders, stay out of politics! In fact never ever get involve in malaysian politics! Just keep quiet! Christianity is a tiny dot in Malaysia!
Strangely the buddists are never drag into politics for some reason! I mean been 2nd biggest religion in Malaysia you know! But then again, as a buddist, we tend to be not get buddism into politics! Something church leaders must learn!

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Back in the 80s and the 90s, we hardly heard of church leaders making any statements! Until the evangelists step in! Yeah, this bunch of fake preachers really spoil everything!
So please church leaders, refrain from politics! Ignore Pas fake holymen! Or side with any party for that matter!


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Look at it this way, gambling tax mostly non-malays


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But isn't income from gambling activities categorised as HARAM?
Who are you trying to fool?

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Absolutely! The recent changes by PAS in increasing the 4D draw to the highest levels have certainly caught the attention of gambling enthusiasts like me. I've been an avid poker player for over 5 years, and these kinds of developments add a new layer of excitement to the gambling scene. I primarily enjoy online poker, finding it convenient and trustworthy, especially when backed by thorough reviews from reliable sources like . Ensuring the credibility of the developer is crucial, and I've spent significant time studying casino online NetEnt reviews, giving me confidence in my choices. These events not only provide fantastic recreational opportunities but also serve as a great platform to hone our poker skills.

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