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This kind of share market can only win small ,lose big. Keep cash

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No MP has the slightest grey matter to debate and reoslve this issue in parliament


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As they misuse parliament as their gaduh ground about divinity problems and after-life issues , the 'economy pie' continues to get smaller and smaller


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And the vivious cycle goes: As the 'economy pie' keeps shrinking, the more heated their gaduh in parliament - wasting time arguing about language, bikini and alcohol

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Worst pm ever - wrong stunt, wrong side, wrong timing, ........(sigh)


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Never learn to be humble, but nonstop blowing own trumpet about squandering limited public fund to tour middle east countries amid countless unresolved local economic issues

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Quote: " the trend is irreversible"

KLSe has been trending the same direction for decades- as bearish as ringgit vs SGD. And parlieament is too busy to discuss dand debate ways to reverse the trend


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Desperate postpandemic time demands for desperate measure. Unless the ppl want ringgit to go down like rupiah or yen in WW2. With this kind of kampung leadership, kangkung cabinet, and gomen..........................................................


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Perhaps the only solution is to subcon the gomen to singapore cabinet

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No MP has the slightest grey matter to debate and resolve this economy issues in parliament

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Don't Worry,PMX have Frozen 27Billion ringgit from Ex Finance Minster. rupa rupanya Atok saka 1998 menganiyi Anwar Fitnah Anwar,Matikan Anwar,Hapuskan Anwar from Dunia Politic because Anwar masa tu bongkar Scandal Atok Saka and Chocolate!!!!!!

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now ALL MP have known 27billion ringgit ini poket Ex Finance minister. 1998 Atok saka FITNAH Anwar liwat utk Menutup Mulut Anwar Bongkar Scandal Atok Saka. 2011 Anwar Bongkar 2.6billion in Najib bank acc,Najib also join Party Atok Saka Parti,buat kospirasi FITNAH Anwar Liwat,tujuan tutup mulut Anwar!!!

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So Jahat la MP Atok Saka and Najib. no wonder you cannot sleep everyday after Agong Bebaskan Anwar. because Anwar now will check your IDOL BANK ACC.

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A tough year ahead is expected with lousy gomen with total incompetent in economy

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