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Stock Kingdom

Before was 4.30 & I have been buying even at 4.50, what on earth you know except telling your old grandmother's story?

2017-06-19 12:27

Stock Kingdom

If you have any, just sell lah, now got chance to sell then sell. Sell like no tomorrow.

Those listen to Apollo Ang will sure make money since day 1 Apollo Ang commenting here.

2017-06-19 12:28

Stock Kingdom

Those listen to Apollo Ang get his grandmother's story

Those listen to me earn money

If anyone want to sell, sell to lock in your profit, I even show my 20% holding disposal price 4.995, if anyone sell now can earn even more than me.

2017-06-19 12:31

Apollo Ang

i wanna sell can u lent me some to sell....haha

2017-06-19 14:45

Apollo Ang

my granma used to sell me sell when green only buy when red

2017-06-19 14:46


abdullah ang, u ada beli?

2017-06-19 14:49

Apollo Ang

false alarm or let them trick again no bonus???

2017-06-19 14:57

Apollo Ang

few weeks ago I q to buy at 4.20 only no get u tell me to buy at 5.00? forget abt it musang king durian....hahaha

2017-06-19 15:00


I have been educated by a friend involved in managing oleochemicals manufacturing business that the profits can fluctuate.

Sometimes extra good. Other times, the extra good balances itself out (sometimes extra no good).

It is the nature of the business. Just different from other businesses.

2017-06-20 10:38


Amnota, yup, this is the nature of the business. Very hard to predict.
So the best way to buy this kind of stock is slowly accumulate it.
No matter the QR is good or not, just keep on buy some and put inside safety box.
For this counter, my lowest cost is below RM3, and highest cost is above RM4.50.

2017-06-20 13:58


Good morning Mr Albukhary,

if the nature of the main business focus of SAB is oleochemical manufacturing (that subject to fluctuating cost of its raw material or feedstock), I guess it is very strategic & smart that the management keeps some palm oil producing assets (estate) that balances of the fluctuations its main business profitability.

That makes sense to me.

If such is the case, my guess would be that the expansion of the oleochemical manufacturing business with its feed stock would be SAB management's drive or objective.

I was educated that oleochemical is a green chemical. An organic product.

Let me go check some more.

I think the management have a plan which we have not learnt about yet.

Maybe, Mr albukhary?

2017-06-21 08:04


Seems price holding on quite well.

2017-06-21 16:59

Stock Kingdom

This stock is for longer term, patience will be rewarded.

2017-06-21 17:18

Stock Kingdom

Good closing, happily look forward for happy holidays

2017-06-23 17:05

Stock Kingdom

Wish all muslim friends a happy & joyful Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya!

2017-06-23 17:06


Holding on well. All weak holders flushed out.

2017-06-23 18:25

Stock Kingdom

Count money every day now, no need to hardsell, no need to condemn, good will remain good.

Buy stock will get money, tell grandma story will only get air.

2017-06-28 10:23


Talking about Apollo Ang, stock kingdom? Ha ha, he had gone into hiding!

2017-06-28 11:27

Apollo Ang

i am not hiding,i didn't mention this stock can go down, I mention in 10 years cannot up 10 fold that's all, please look at my comment before u talk

2017-06-28 14:48


Welcome back, Apollo Ang!

2017-06-28 16:21


Seems tough to go below rm5

2017-07-01 12:00


I have got a bad mouth...ha ha. Price dropping.

2017-07-12 11:37


Any news on the land in Kota Kemuning? Many years aldy, still doesn't want to develop?

2018-01-10 12:34


Already replanted with young palm trees.This hilly freehold land is strategically located.Need to hold as it is sitting on a gold mine.Massive mixed developments(all leasehold} byGamuda Land,Ecoworld, Ijm n Tropicana are near the land.

2018-01-14 18:26


Since Southern Acids also owns a substantial amount of shares in Paramount, Southern Acids should joint venture with Paramount to develop part of the land. In this way, Southern Acids can unlock the value of the land faster and gains experience in development.

2018-03-13 15:19


Since SPB and Daiman privatised its undervalued share, will SAB do the same to privatise the land which not revalue since many years ago?

2018-11-14 10:43

James Ng
[转贴] [SOUTHERN ACIDS (M) BHD:国内市场的生产成本不断上升,竞争日趋激烈,继续受到挑战,这降低了替代产品的价格,降低了利润率,棕榈油产量增加但总体需求疲软,毛棕榈油库存增加38.5%至320万吨] - James的股票投资James Share Investing

2019-03-17 16:17

Hew Kiong Peng George

hidden gem this sab,net cash rm1.70 pe 3

2021-09-22 08:39

Richard Lee


2021-10-06 09:27

Sebastian Power

The Group’s top-line growth was largely brought about by the Oleochemical and Milling & Estate Segments. The Oleochemical
Segment reported a 15.3% growth in revenue whilst the Milling & Estate Segment’s revenue grew by 16.0%. Driving the better
top-line of both segments were a higher average selling price (“ASP”) of fatty acids, glycerine, crude palm oil (“CPO”) and palm
kernel (“PK”) that was brought about by the increase in the price of commodities. These segments made up approximately
86.1% of total Group revenue.

2021-10-07 09:33


Cash rich of about RM250 million or RM1.815 per share. Eps jumped from 4.72 cts in Q4 March 2021 to 17.15 cts in Q1 June 2021. Forward annualised earnings of 68.6 cts if next 3 Quarters managed to maintain. Thus PE 10 will be RM6.86 not taking into account the cash holdings.

2021-10-08 12:58


Good rerating mah!

2021-10-08 13:14

Richard Lee

free floating share on market very little only. Good ahead

2021-10-08 14:44


Post removed.Why?

2021-10-20 21:43

Richard Lee

LTH selling nonstop

2021-10-21 15:21

Sebastian Power

apa you mau? Continously two QR ES above 10++. Very likely whole year EPS 40-50. Then you just calculate the target price yourself

2021-11-25 19:23

Richard Lee

rubbish stock. when market drop it drop, when market up it also drop

2022-02-10 15:49

Sebastian Power

annual EPS will be achieving 60-70.

Easily upto RM6-7 within 3-4months

2022-02-25 18:10


Post removed.Why?

2022-03-03 10:20


Any good news guys??

2022-03-25 09:52


Watch out tis

2022-04-12 12:46


Ezcelent result

2 months ago

Sebastian Power

excellent result but price wont move also

2 months ago


will goreng the BOD during AGM. Big profits but DIV macam ikan bilis

Overall, our Group PBT rose 148.4% to RM149.9 million from RM60.3 million achieved in FY2021.

2 months ago


Now can go for indon base plantation CO since ban is lifted loh!

2 months ago


bought in at RM4.00

2 months ago



2 months ago


Slowly collect from tabung haji loh!

2 months ago

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