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Namoyaki Takarajima

P.S: I must thanks Thunder_Storm for giving us a hint on commodities sector. Thanks to Baramundi80 for alerting on TWS (4421) vs TWSPlant(6327). I am not good in commodities but with all strength of God given right to gain all knowledge as we wish, me will try to study this commodities sector even its begin from chapter 0.01. Please help me if i fall, or if i tripped and it was just a slip; i will get up on my own. One things for sure Thunder_Storm, I like to read comments from your good friend named Cheese too. :) Thanks in advance to you guys! Cheers!

2012-05-19 05:27


Why this company share price can be higher than RM4.03 ? Did Syed Mokhtar want to revise the offer price ?

2013-01-03 12:04


Me wondering as well

2013-01-18 15:23


Today latest Bursa annourcement :

all the remaining ordinary shares of RM1.00 each in TWP (“TWP Shares”) not already owned by the Joint Offerors and Tradewinds (M) Berhad, being the person acting in concert with the Joint Offerors (“PAC”),

and such number of new TWP Shares that may be issued and allotted prior to the closing date pursuant to the conversion of the outstanding irredeemable convertible unsecured loan stocks of TWP (“TWP ICULS”) (“Offer Shares”) for a cash offer price of RM5.00 per Offer Share (“Shares Offer”); and

2013-02-28 17:08

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