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Thanks tradeview bro. I will look to follow u again. Made good the last round thanks to your highlight. If can reach RM2.3 i very happy!

2015-12-09 21:09


hmm.. at current price, looks like an opportunity to accumulate.. think downside is limited given its (i) strong balance sheet (net cash position), (ii) exposure to foreign currency (export play - benefiting from weak MYR), (iii) attractive dividend yield of 4-5%, providing support to share price (declaring 10sen DPS for 2015 shouldn't be an issue on the back of a good set of results YTD vs. last year of 8sen), (iv) inexpensive valuation at 9x trailing P/E while trading below BVPS as well.. Your move!!

2015-12-16 19:33


welcome lala123 to UPA club! nice to have another well structured analysis to boost my confidence. A bit panic when drop below RM2. Good to know there are people out there who still holding~ Thanks

2015-12-16 22:57

Kawan Tsong

yes..finally cover the gap..^=^

2015-12-23 15:47


wow wow! its moving!

2015-12-28 09:42


sending it to 2.50 soon!

2015-12-29 10:08

Kawan Tsong

well done

2015-12-29 17:08


The momentum is back after the brief respite from year high of RM2.40. This is one of the few solid counters with export exposure that is still laggard in terms of fundamental value (below NTA of RM2.51 and PE less than 10). The closest peer CheeWah stands at multiple of 11-12x. I believe UPA is worth more based on its steady dividend policy year in year out. At multiple of 11x, the FV should be RM2.50 and at 12x FV should be RM2.70. My immediate TP is RM2.40. Accummulation has been ongoing and buy rate is strong past 2 weeks. I foresee this as one of the CNY play going into the next QR.

2015-12-30 14:51


Hi all. I have done the write up. My advise is to accumulate on weakness and hold patiently for the next QR which will coincide with the strongest quarter + it is a dividend quarter.

2015-12-31 10:55


thank you tradeview bro I will look to accumulate come market open tomorrow! Please let me know when you sell. Thanks.

2016-01-03 15:18


Many counters previously with slightly lower valuations has flew ridiculously to a new highs. UPA is one the few fundamentally sound company with PE less than 10 and below NTA RM2.51. There is no reason not to load up UPA. The free flow is also limited which means should the next QR is good, it will have a steep upwards movement. The dividend is also in play for the next quarter. This is a counter to buy to hold. Thanks.

2016-01-13 15:37


UPA accumulation has been happening awhile. Movement upwards commencing.

2016-01-14 16:00


UPA has broke out of 52 week high with minimal selling quantity. May limit up

2016-01-14 16:19


Congrats to all the winners of UPA! Finally broke out of the 52 week high with volume. My TP is RM2.77. There is still room. Dont miss the boat


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2016-01-14 16:24

YK Tsong

will above 3 just watch movie

2016-01-14 16:37



2016-01-14 16:38

kl foong

Whow, finally start engine.

2016-01-14 17:03


Wow! Amazing run up. Ur calls are really good man tradeview bro. What price should I let go? Tempted to let go now la!

2016-01-14 18:02


I see ok ok! thank you muscle!

2016-01-15 09:54


Morning mild profit taking after surging quite a lot yest. It is normal. UPA movement normally in the afternoon session. Rest assure for those holding. TP is RM2.77

2016-01-15 10:39


A complete sell down of small mid cap stocks. I did not see it coming so soon. Anyhow for holders of UPA, there is no need to worry. You can hold it and wait for the QR. The results and DY will protect your counter's baseline provided there is no unforeseen circumstances.

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2016-01-15 17:24


Ai ya, too early lah.
Next wave is coming.

2016-01-18 10:00


Latest post on Perstima TP 7.65


2016-01-19 17:29


Hi tradeview, I thought this is UPA thread.
But thanks anyway.
Your write up on Perstima is a good one.

2016-01-20 06:36


UPA collection looks steady. Despite the volatile market, FFHB still able to preserve their price. It would seem likely that the upcoming results and dividend is strong. I maintain collect on weakness with TP of RM2.77

Side note. Those interested in HK market, my latest article on the Hang Seng index.


2016-01-22 21:28


value pick @ 2.24! TP $3

2016-01-26 10:37


nice QR result ! and achieve 24 sens per year. give 9 sens interest...good

2016-02-25 19:16

YK Tsong

3 not dream ^=^

2016-02-27 14:27


boring stock

2016-03-01 00:33

Jolin Lai Chi Pet

once the rocket take off, u won't say boring anymore...............TP Rm5 before christmas

2016-04-27 21:18


Dividen 9% is coming.. exdate: 13/7/2016

2016-06-07 11:52


Net profit for the year = RM22.5mil
Included in the profit was fair value gain on investment property = RM22.9mil


2017-02-24 22:52


First and Final Single Tier Dividend of 8 sen per share.

Kindly be advised of the following :

1) The above Company's securities will be traded and quoted "Ex - Dividend” as from: 30 Jun 2017
2) The last date of lodgment : 4 Jul 2017
3) Date Payable : 18 Jul 2017

2017-05-02 13:11


Hopefully will distribute a portion of this one off gain to the shareholders.

The Board of Directors of UPA Corporation Berhad ("UPA” or “Company") wishes to announce that the Company had submitted a claim for the compensation in accordance with the Land Acquisition Act, 1960.

The Pentadbir Tanah Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (“Land Administrator”) has on 11 July 2017 served on the Company a Notice of Award in Form H to award a compensation of RM32,674,620.85.

2017-07-14 16:12


UPA sudah mau mari a?, anyone ...??

2020-08-06 08:51


what is this why suddenly limit up?

2020-08-06 13:15


UPA starting to produce 3ply mask now. i think that is the reason the price shoot up this morning

2020-08-06 13:36


Limit up today... next one will be poly glass fibre? Since both also ventured into the manufacturing of melt-blown non-woven fabric

2020-08-06 19:23


UPA the new GEM??

the new planned production data rather similar to Notion.

at RM2.00, Notion mkt cap shot up by rm1.20 x 505m shs = rm600m

UPA rose from 2.0 to 3.30 level,
mkt cap increase rm1.30 x 77m shs = rm100m

what a huge gap. Notion deserves a premium for its head start.. but what is a fair premium ?

2020-08-07 11:58


But UPA production only begins end-Nov. Where the face mask trend might be going to an end.

2020-08-07 12:24


Notion production is already started right or they are also venturing only?

Notion = US Market
UPA = Malaysia Market

2020-08-07 12:25


Based on UPA's clarification on its non woven fabric new biz to Bursa PAT from tis new biz likes nothing to shout abt??

2020-08-07 21:02


still no result released yet?? Why har?

2021-03-02 10:51


hi sifu2. me buying to hold, gudluck all. hehe

2021-03-02 16:32


why suddenly fly, I still queueing leh

2021-09-10 10:18


Qtr result very good performance...

2021-09-14 08:43


Very nice. Holding at 2.35, today potentially fly

2021-09-14 08:55


total share only 79million, easy to LIMIT UP!

2021-09-14 09:09


Boss doesn't goreng, how to LU ? Long wait for the day when the BB decides to retire for good.

1 month ago

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