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64 Million


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31-Jan-2023 [#2] | 30-Mar-2023

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30-Apr-2023 | 23-Jun-2023

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-3.95 | -25.33%

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0.22 | 0.25

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-89.19% | -6.41%

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Johan Holdings Bhd principal activities are as franchise operator for diner?s club charge and credit cards, travel and tours, manufacturing and marketing of ceramics wall and floor tiles, property development, resorts, and hotels. The business of the company operates in segments that include Building Materials, General Trading, Property, Hospitality and Card Services, and Investment holding and secretarial services. The Hospitality and Card service business segment generates maximum revenue for the company. In terms of products, the credit card product earns more revenue for the company. Johan Holdings exports its product to Malaysian region only.

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Don’t hv Johan . Doubt many short term retailers here

2021-09-30 20:28


Bolo punya results..haha .. macam rasuah

2021-09-30 22:23


the year end 31 July 2021 results, Note K9 , the date for deferred cash received (NOV 2021) but the results is up to end of July 2021 ,did not make sense and this section appeared in Jan 2021 but disappeared in April 2021.Gloves business fairly tales nowadays no more attraction. Moreover , the mass production not expected to be commenced so soon, maybe full production capacity may be by 2nd half of next year.

2021-10-01 15:22


Going forward, Johan wants to move into technology. chip? EV?

2021-10-05 17:11


Overall Johan is a cash rich company. They might venture into new profitable business. My opinion is can buy n keep. I bliv they will announce soon for the business..

2021-10-11 10:55


Johan is too careful. Like gloves, they entered the industry at the tail end. Must take fast decisive action if it wants to enter the tech sector.

2021-10-12 14:39


Electric Vehicle battery or component will fit Johan nicely. Chip is heavy investment.

2021-10-13 15:04


Tutup kedai...

2021-11-24 15:05


Operators also sleep already.

2021-11-24 15:07


Waited too long for this counter... Moving from 8c to 9c only... Haihz....

2021-11-25 13:25


Johan fully operate in Glove business soon... Buy and wait... Today glove counters all up.. This one will be next target

2021-11-27 00:42


by the time they are up, the glove mania is over already...

2021-11-29 09:21


NTA 21.6c, consensus Target Price 29c, loss making businesses now sold off, production of the huge new Gloves facility already started with new lines being added in the next couple of months. I'm not in any hurry to sell. I will be patient and wait this out.

2021-12-07 14:54


atleast woth 0.15 no matter how u see much CASH and good business just not sure whether they have the approval to get into EU / US markets any confirmation on this?

2021-12-07 15:00


No statement from JHB but as production lines are brand new it may take a while to have process audits and samples tested along with applications for certification. In the interim production will no doubt be taken up by countries that do not required US Certifications. I expect certifications if not already issued will be issued very shortly as management is professional, the lines are modern and the property has been purpose built.

2021-12-09 17:14


TopGlove already says ASP drop to pre-covid level... so, how can Johan compete? MahSing glove business reported losses last quarter.

2021-12-14 08:32


New equipment, new automated production line, cos of production per 1000 glove should be way less than the older factories like MahSing and Top Glove.

2021-12-15 17:39


Johan will be a good proxy for the Glove Counters, if investors are still positive on that Sector...for comparision , Top Glove price is 25X that of Johan and their outstanding shares is 8 times...

If Johan can turned in a yearly profit of RM20M , which is achievable , TopGlove will have to achieve a profit of RM 20M x 25 x8 = RM4Billion per Year...think about it..

In addition , Johan production lines are all new & high speed ...

Cheers & good luck...

2021-12-19 13:29


a counter to watch...about to spike soon....commercial production has started in end Nov & for 2Q ending Jan 2022 , expect a maiden profit from the glove production. Result expected to be announce Feb/March 2022. A conservative profit of RM5M for 3Q 2022 , which is easily achieved , will priced Johan at 20cts plus with a PE of 15... a good proxy for glove exposure....

Made your call ...cheers...

2022-01-05 12:09


NTA 21.6c, consensus Target Price 29c, I'm accumulating. 300 to 400% upside with a bit of patience, and I fee there is little to no downside.

2022-01-05 12:45


Post removed.Why?

2022-01-05 12:49


Demand for gloves will exceed supply for at least until 2023 and Covid 19 Cases are surging throughout the world . US daily infection is at record high of 1.0million a day . Previously , it was only 500k plus.

ASP for glove though is declining but is still steady and above pre-pandemic period and with demand exceeding supply , Johan is expect to return reasonable profit based on their glove business. With such a Gem as a Proxy for Glove sector exposure , what are we waiting for...

Additionally , the NTA is appro 21.6cts and net Cash per shares is about 8cts....with low borrowing ...

A thought to share with fellow patient and mid term investors before it start to spike.... Holding period 3-6 months.....Cheers...

2022-01-05 15:22


not bad for Johan today ...can close at 9.5cts will be good ...slowly2 catch the worm.... expect announcement from Johan on their Glove production and by then , it be action time... limit up kaki , go somewhere

Good proxy for Glove Sector exposure....

Cheers ...

2022-01-10 13:02


Fly JHB high.

2022-01-10 14:09


Johan Holdings’ subsidiary Dynacare SB has rolled out its first commercial glove production of its first high capacity double-former dipping line at its plant in Perak on Nov 27. Johan Holdings said Dynacare had completed its acquisition of the 71,980 square metres of land in Lumut Port Industrial Park on Nov 26 this year. The land has been utilised as the company's glove manufacturing plant. "All approvals for the manufacturing and export of gloves have been obtained. Dynacare is expected to commission subsequent dipping lines in stages with a total of six dipping lines in commercial production by Feb 2022," it said. (Business Times)

2022-01-19 10:22


JHB AGM is tomorrow. Hopefully we will get good new on the "huge" Glove business, or a lot of excuses why not.

2022-01-19 11:55


Can anyone tell us how JHB responded to the questions put by MSWG at todays Johan Holdings AGM today?

2022-01-20 18:55


No update news at all from AGM just some info on payments to Directors. Johan Holding management where are you, what's happening with your glove business shareholders would like to know? BLACK HOLE

2022-01-21 09:31


Johan has targeted to commence the commercial production of a glove manufacturing plant in Perak by end-November 2021.

“To whom will Dynacare sell its gloves to? How does it compete with other glove producers amid the current lower average selling prices and influx of gloves supply in the market?” asked MSWG.

Johan will stage its 96th annual general meeting (AGM) virtually on Jan 20 (Thursday) at 11am.

The shareholder activism group is also curious as to how much Johan has invested in the glove business as preliminary reports stated that its manufacturing plant would cost RM624.1 mil which upon completion would house 42 production lines.

“Does Johan plan to tap into equity financing to fund the new business? To recap, Johan had completed a rights issue exercise in July 2021 and raised RM38.93 mil to fund the glove business,” asked MSWG.

“How long will it take for Dynacare to achieve breakeven from its investment?”

2022-01-21 14:45


Still no information at all on its glove business for shareholders! Why?

2022-01-27 10:05


As reported in Business Times; "Dynacare is expected to commission subsequent dipping lines in stages with a total of six dipping lines in commercial production by Feb 2022,".
What happened?

2022-02-05 10:36


look at gkent, they dont want to talk about glove..... go talk about tech an IT stuff.... u know i know why they avoid glove question when people ask them.

2022-02-06 15:32


harta say asp drop again.... better sell before qr comes out.

2022-02-10 23:27


Still be continue......jeng jeng jeng

2022-04-08 23:08


After Glove, Johan should invest in Electric Vehicle market. Big potential for Malaysia.

2022-04-14 23:43


talk only ma. glove business drop since last year. maybe abandon project already la.

2022-05-12 16:11


Get ready for round 2 of Gloves. Whole China lockdown will affect supply.
If bio weapons used in war conflict, there will be panic buying.

2022-05-12 19:16


Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob rolled out the red carpet for American investors and businessmen, and presented Malaysia as a preferred investment destination today.

He welcomed them, especially the Fortune 500 companies, to invest or increase their investment, namely in economic digital, green technology and electric car sectors.

"I've suggested to Tesla to invest in Malaysia...

2022-05-12 19:19


Ellon Mask said who the turtle u are ?!

2022-06-08 19:31


of all the business, they choose to venture into glove... 2 years after the pandemic starts. really brainless.

2022-07-02 12:51


Damn.. What happen?

2022-08-24 16:06


China COVID cases hitting 25 million a day! Next month when they open border on Jan 8, worst is yet to come. And CNY homecoming, the covid cases and death will sky rocket! This is the cheapest Glove counter at 5 s!

2022-12-27 19:53


Compare HLT 52 week low @16s
and CAREPLS @ 22s.

2022-12-27 19:56


Moon !

2 months ago


A.I. for Johan?

1 month ago


Cash rich JOHAN worth another look

1 month ago


Sell their diner club franchise and went in big to glove after 2 years of covid, what kind of decision is this? if they sold the franchise and went into something else, be it hotel or palm oil, also can make more money. They could have expanded their hotel in lumut but no... glove is what they went into.

1 month ago


Used to be umno counter long time ago

1 month ago


Glove and technology, next.

3 days ago

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