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Subsector: METALS

Subsector: METALS


Perwaja Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. The Company is a manufacturer of primary steel products. It manufactures and supplies direct reduced iron (DRI) and semi-finished long steel products to downstream producers both locally and to the Asia and Middle East region. The Company is organized in three business segments: manufacturing segment, involved in the manufacturing and trading in direct reduced iron, steel billets, beam blanks and blooms; training and education segment, involved in provision of vocational and technical training and operating educational centers, and investment holding segment, involved in investing activities. As of December 31, 2010, the Company had two subsidiaries: Perwaja Steel Sdn. Bhd., which is engaged in the manufacturing and trading in DRI, steel billets, beam blanks and bloom, and Esteem Score Sdn. Bhd., which provides vocational and technical training and operates educational centers.

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He will revive it, that tan Sri.面子要紧

2017-05-01 09:19


Write a comment..

2017-05-01 21:21


Tomolo 0.03??? ,Hehehe

2017-05-01 21:22


Gn021, you are right, delisting on 4 May is is dependent on the result of the appeal. Expected to be deferred as the appeal managed to be made at the last minute. So in the mean time expect the goreng of Perwaja stocks tomorrow and the days of the week. Surely, major shareholders and cronies hold the bulk of the shares, as retail and minority shareholders are by definition in the minority. So, it's in the best interest of the owners to revive Perwaja. As I've said before Perwaja is too precious to fail. Yes, it has been failing for so many years. And no doubt it's a pet project of the previous administration. Najib Razak could let it continue to fail but remember that he practises the politics of engagement and thus at times very accommodating in order to be better than the enemy and win the heart and soul of the rakyat. Perwaja steel is one of the few heavy industries in the east coast, especially Terengganu. It has the chance to contribute to the development of the East Coast - with ECER and ECRL multibillion ringgit projects. The pie for the steel industry in Malaysia is big enough for a few steel players to coexist, including Perwaja. Especially now with the tight regulations by the Chinese government to control the steel industry and the steps taken by the Malaysian government to limit cheap Chinese steel imports. Reviving Perwaja is a good election play for Najib and BN. So this is the golden chance for cronies and white knights to come to the rescue and perform a turnaround. Hence, Perwaja shares will change from useless toilet paper to useful tissue paper, or even precious gold sheets. Stampede for Perwaja shares tomorrow?

2017-05-01 23:40


PERWAJA in suspended animation from today, pending appeal and further development. Be patient friends.

2017-05-02 07:42


If anyone cared to read my past postings about this company and just listened, they would not regret. My deep throat told me it will be delisted eventually. Even if it is temporarily delayed in delisting as a result of appeal, be the first to run now. It is your choice finally.

2017-05-02 07:42


Game over?

2017-05-02 12:51


Game just started, what over

2017-05-02 23:06


buy KInsteel...

2017-05-03 09:55


Perwaja n Kinsteel ...abang adik hutang berat

2017-05-03 10:22


This counter 99.99% will be delisted but if u oledy
Hold the share , there no chance for u to run
Anymore . So sad !

2017-05-04 13:54


comone, 0.01, 0.015, sell all scrap metal inside the factory, sell land, can recover more than the mkt capital now.

Those ppl are plain stupid and ego

2017-05-04 14:15


Be fair la, company debt no need settle ?
After settle debt, leftover for shareholders lo.

2017-05-04 15:07


Bankruptcy je

2017-05-04 20:55


no news? thought 4 may delist...

2017-05-04 21:28

Apollo Ang

bad means bad some people in self denial mode lose all because dunno the word CUT LOSS, everyday think sure 1 day will rebound

2017-05-04 23:29


bye bye :)

2017-05-05 11:42


0.01 how to cut loss? hehe. Gain only. unlikely to cut loss if you buy 0.01

2017-05-05 18:10


No need to pay debts ah?sell all assets can fully settle all their liabilities meh?

2017-05-05 18:16


Co suspended n close shop n u kiss goodbye to yr 0.01

2017-05-05 18:17


any new for this? lol doesn't see any news of the appeal of delisting

2017-05-05 18:26


haha. toilet paper.

2017-05-05 18:33


Self denial syndrome ...a good description. Creditor debts of RM2.5b need to be settled first, also hutang a lot to EPF, unpaid salaries of thousand of staff. Last to settle are shareholders under liquidation law. With assets of their old junks of machines and low value factory land, shareholders can only day dream to get back their investment lah..

2017-05-05 19:02


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, M&A Securities Sdn Bhd wishes to announce that it had on 28 April 2017 submitted an appeal against the de-listing to Bursa Securities (“Appeal”). The removal of the securities of Perwaja from Bursa Securities on 4 May 2017 shall be deferred pending the decision on the Appeal.

This announcement is dated 28 April 2017

2017-05-08 10:00

Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes

De-Listing of Perwaja Holdings Berhad
25 May 2017, 18:46
De-Listing of Perwaja Holdings Berhad
De-Listing of Perwaja Holdings Berhad
Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Securities) had dismissed Perwaja
Holdings Berhad?s appeal for an extension of time to submit the regularisation
plan to the relevant authorities for approval and decided to de-list the
Company pursuant to paragraph 8.04 of the Bursa Securities Main Market Listing
Requirements. In the circumstances, the securities of the Company will be
removed from the Official List of Bursa Securities on Tuesday, 30 May 2017.
Effect of De-listing from the Official List of Bursa Securities With respect
to the securities of the Company which are currently deposited with Bursa
Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd ("Bursa Depository"), the securities may remain
deposited with Bursa Depository notwithstanding the de-listing of the company?s
securities from the Official List of Bursa Securities. It is not mandatory for
the securities of a company which has been de-listed to be withdrawn from B

2017-05-25 19:43


Toilet paper

2017-05-25 19:49



2017-05-25 19:50


LOL LOL. guess topology cant be applied here.

2017-05-25 21:47

Apollo Ang

kinsteal should follow suit cos sama bangsa.loss until jadi tulang yet bursa give chance after chance.should have delisted long ago. another one is hubline,how on earth sc can approve their rights issue? rights issue ambil sikit not enough to pay bank 20% also,how gonna survive?

2017-05-25 21:59


Bye bye

2017-05-25 22:57

Apollo Ang

habis who's next? likely candidate kinsteal,hubline,perisai or even pdz?

2017-05-25 23:01


Can anyone explain what happen to this company actly? I see the losses in so many years n yet now only delisted =/

2017-05-25 23:14

Apollo Ang

same like court cases keep postponing.......hahaha

2017-05-25 23:17


End of Perwaja in Bursa... delisting on 30 May.

2017-05-26 06:02


Shares like toilet paper now. Sorry for those who believe in them.

2017-05-26 06:05


Game over

2017-05-28 09:51


hey! lovebite not yet game over !!!
Becos. haven't finish kissing

2017-05-28 17:12


Tomorrow, Perwaja will finally becomes history, upon delisting from Bursa. Good luck and good day, friends.

2017-05-29 13:17


Perwaja save by Mahathir, pumb 100bilion into

2017-05-31 19:28


delisted ... what will happen to shareholders ah ??

2017-05-31 23:51


Become a non listed company shareholders, only your holding share can not trade at bursa malaysia platform.

2017-06-01 21:12


Any benefit from becoming non listed company share holders? @.@ just wonder

2017-06-02 01:34


Benefit ..........similar with listed company except can not trade share in bursa Malaysia, company news you will not know etc.

Agm still continue, if company still operating.

2017-06-02 06:36


Complete stoppage of operation since Mid 2013...4 years, all machines rusted, no electricity, water or gas supply, all 2000 staff left. How to save?? Waiting lelong by banks.

2017-06-03 16:32

Jenson Chong

feeling like money game's company ^^

2017-06-05 08:55


No la, perwaja is a steel company do not compare it to money game company hahaha

2017-06-06 20:19


Some people are simply like a ostrich burying its head in the sand. Company delisted from Bursa and yet still can think positive, my hat off for them.

2017-06-07 15:32



2018-03-12 09:41

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