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China Ouhua Winery Holdings Ltd is an investment holding company. The company through its subsidiaries is engaged in the production and distribution of grape wines. Its core business activities are categorized into two key segments, White Wine and Red Wine. The company offers a wide range of wines comprises a majority of red wine grape varietals such as cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, shiraz and merlot and white wine grapes varietals such as chardonnay, riesling, sauvignon blanc and pinot blanc marketed under its flagship Fazenda Ohua Wine labels. The business operations of the company are only carried out in the People's Republic of China.

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End of October 2021

The Ghost believe that an eventful list of activities will float by the end of the month. Musim Tengkujuh will begin in November, plenty of rain and thunderstorm. For us, we will be wet and cold all the time. Don't be scared if you see us rolling the streets.

We welcome contribution to make our suffering better.

The Ghost.

2021-10-04 12:55


what the tp we take profit????

2021-10-04 17:26



Take it out whenever you are happy and satisfied. The Ghost practice risk based approach, how much risk your profile can tolerate is how much you want to make. The Ghost do not have emotion and have extreme risk tolerance. We will usually go all out, that's why we are The Ghost.

The Ghost.

** The appetite is just building, finish your meals once you are full. Don't overeat and don't leave the table early.

2021-10-04 21:39


I leave the table.... since I already full...and I so happy now.... you enjoy the turkey later.... remember to tell me the taste...

2021-10-05 10:13


Dear All,

I will take this opportunity to stop at this juncture and let everyone whom have read and supported me enjoy the rolling profit (as of now and beyond).

Those who listened to our whispers, should be enjoying now. Those who curse us, no worries, we are here waiting for you.

We are not KKY, OTB or someone special, we are The Ghost.

We will continue to roam all the -18floors and source for new potential leads. So far, we have a few others but we need to conduct an operation before The Ghost will reveal it indirectly.

Please continue to provide us offerings and to the other souls & spirits, you can sleep better.

The Ghost.

** Ride the story and you will be rewarded handsomely.

2021-10-05 10:19


where are the 18 floor????

2021-10-11 09:56


Mana hantu? Bayang pun tak nampak.

2021-10-27 12:31



2021-10-29 10:25


999 - we are always here.

limontea - jangan pandang belakang, kami ada didalam bayang kamu seumur hidup. jumpa nanti.

The Ghost is busy orchestrating another beautiful counter.

The Ghost.

2021-10-31 21:08



2021-12-02 12:05


Wow...what ghost in here

2021-12-02 14:52

Michael Kwok

The 15-16 cents to start throwing.Tq.

2021-12-05 21:13



2021-12-06 12:33



2021-12-07 22:28


This dangerous stock macam mau goreng. Too bad I dun dare to play

2021-12-16 10:50


站的很好 等待推动力给他爆

2021-12-21 13:26


Going goreng soon

2021-12-21 14:07



2022-01-01 01:47


Faster run… It’s going back to 5 cents

2022-01-10 10:28


Someone gona Open wine to drink to celebrate the War..

2022-02-25 12:10


Ti's counter is Drunk.. Can't move now. So sad..

2022-03-01 16:12


lower high, lower low

2022-04-15 16:20


gg lah this counter

2022-04-15 16:20


wahh lower and lower

2022-04-18 15:30


1. Regulatory licenses/compliance - either the company acquire an existing licensee or they go and apply the licenses/permission themselves. This will take time (longer then you expect), skilled staff strength and cash to burn. Even if you are admitted, you will be in a sandbox. Your hands and legs are tied with very little movement for enjoyment. Further down the road, you need to have your little points of presence in other countries to serve and offer your services (remittances, multi currencies, payment gateway etc). Without a region, you ain't going nowhere horizontally but surely vertically -18 and meet me.

2. Products or Communities - do you drive a community first or create a super app first. Take a look at Grab & Shopee, in my underworld, we have humans burning what we need, not what we want. Creating the use cases can be draggy and it burns money like how you burn for us. Just keep doing it. If you don't have your community, you burn shit all day round. If you have a community but a shitty model, users will stray away.

3. Margins and profitability - deep pockets are a necessity in this game. The bigger e-wallets have burnt substantially to reach where they are today but they can't sustain. There aren't sufficient recurring revenues and PAT. Every Tom, Dick & Harry claimed that there are money to be seen (not made), yeah, some cash flow but where is the real deal? The only possible deal (maybe) is microfinancing... the ah long businesses... started since 0000, still growing strong, be it barter trade, cash, cashless, crypto etc. Lately are the insurance giants....

2022-04-21 14:05


population up, revenue up, profit up

2022-05-06 14:00


still manage to tahan nice

2022-05-06 14:00


The Ghost.

OMG... almost 16bulan, tiada hantu berniaga disini ke.
OK to all the souls and humans, this 2nd half of the year will be the year of 5188!

New Investors are already in the company. Once PoP! limit up 3x minimum.

New businesses will be coming through and the GHOST is speculating a few that will be pumped into this company.

Stay tuned. The Ghost need to load up stocks first, seems like supply tak cukup.

The Ghost.

2023-08-25 00:16


CNY coming liao.. 来来开酒吧。。

2024-01-14 12:26


Volume Up
Soon to open Wine cork..

2024-01-18 18:42


The Ghost is back for more...

As we moved into China, we get more information to share and tip only the most aggressive shareholders can hold and be rewarded.

I stopped this beautiful Counter in 5Oct2021 as the price went shooting up like a star to 13cents from 4.5cents. 30 months later, we are now at 4.5cents.

There are so much updates and developments that we would like to share but most important, buy some and keep. 1 million share is only MYR45,000.

Ok, let's start with the following most important subject in the counter, yes, they have an asset at No. 3, Wolong North Road, Yantai City. Bought this in CASH for RMB 118.8m in 2013.

Do you KNOW how much this piece of asset (land, buildings etc ) is WORTH NOW?????
1) Google Earth/Map - drop the address and see what you have, a damn HUGE metropolitan city centre
- its huge, big, connected, near to airport, highways etc
2) Google China land/property prices from 2010 to 2023 (13 or more years ago) eg -
- Be it LAND or Residential or COMMERCIAL (which is higher)
- 2008-2013 : Average 1,417 -1,550 RMB/Sq M
- NOW as of 2024 (average 2020-2023) 2,660 - 2,783 RMB/Sq M
- The Value JUMP almost TWICE (2x)

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN - Their asset are to be REVALUED today, 2024. IT is going to be worth RMB118.8m x 2x = RMB238m
RMB into MYR - RINGGIT is worth 158,000,000.00.

This is why CNOUHUA is such an interesting company. This is just the beginning, we will share more interesting information soon.

BUY now, April 2024 is coming.


2024-01-26 23:44


Oh yes,

For the last 30 days, we have contributed to the volume and is accumulating for the finale.
This time around, could be the final checkpoint. So load it up.

The Ghost.

2024-01-26 23:54


Greetings hardcore shareholders….
We the Ghost will be spilling information as promised, bits by pieces as it goes….
The Property
No. 3 Wolong North Road, Yantai City consists of land, buildings and ancillary facilities including 320KVA power distribution equipment, water supply system, roads surrounding the factory and enclosing wall (collectively the Assets) for a total cash consideration of RMB132,000,000. The building has a gross floor area measuring approximately 12,600 square meters and the land has an area of 40 Mu (approximately 6.589 acres). Pursuant to the SPA, the Group had made a down payment of RMB118,800,000 which amount was recorded as a REFUNDABLE deposit.
The SPA was signed on 17 Dec 2013. Action taken then for LAND TITLE OWNERSHIP TRANSFER.
Fast Forward to 2019/2020 –
The People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) had changed their rules and implemented the real estate registration certificate system, whereby the former land use right certificate and real estate certificate are now merged and would be issued as real estate certificate. Management has been actively coordinating with the relevant government departments in relation to the land title ownership. However, as part of the subject real estate is a state-owned property, the land title ownership transfer was subject to the examination and approval by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the decision of the District Mayor Administration Meeting.
In June 2019, the Department of Natural Resources of Shandong Province had issued the Document (2019) No. 3 (“the Document”), a guidance on accelerating the legacy of unsolved historical land property rights related issues. The Company fulfilled all relevant criteria stipulated in the Document. The District Government had submitted the Company’s application on the land title ownership transfer to the Municipal Bureau of land and natural resources for processing (“the Application”). The Application had been accepted and was pending review and approval.
APRIL 2020
Since company met the Criteria in Document (2019) No.3 issued by MBLNR (Municipal Bureau of Land & Natural Resources Of Shandong Province), MBLNR granted special approval and instruction to MOHURD & RERC to process the application.
Company submitted applications for assessment & approval to the following;
1.MOHURD – Ministry of Housing & Urban Rural Development
2.RERC – Real Estate Registration Centre
3.Huangwu Subdistrict, Zhifu District.

OCT 2021

The local govt called the company and refer a 3rd party to assist to evaluate the state owned property Transfer Price.

APRIL 2022
Still determining a REASONABLE Transfer Price due to its land is classified as historical land property and so that State govt will not lose out.

OCT 2023

Currently at stage of valuation of the asset/land. Once it is valued, the company will need to pay tax and fees for the valuation. Then company can apply for the real estate certificate. The Real Estate Registration Centre will issue the real estate certificate finally.


1. The Land Element – Transfer Procedure has been completed
2. Real Estate Element – In progress to get the Real Estate Certificate.

Its 2024 – 10 Years down the road and its finally happening. Those who lost hope, fear not. We are approaching the finishing line.

With the land title ownership transfer, the property Cnouhua owned is valued at least RMB264million (2x rising from 2013).

In MYR – its RM176million. And now is 0.05 cents?????

You GUESS right ! 5x boom!


2024-02-01 00:19


Yes Quick Calculation - why 5x???

RM176m / 668m shares = 0.263 cents

Share price now 0.05 cents > 0.263 cents
Each share is back by the total property/asset of RM176m.

0.05cents x 500% = 0.25 cents / 5X

So, load it up like all the other investors.

The Ghost.

2024-02-01 00:26


Hi Ghost,
I have been following this stock for at least 5 years. Buy it again after disposing it during 2021. You are knowledgeable about this stock mind to share any turnaround plans for the company. I have been searching news but to no avail. 1 thing interesting is that the director keep accumulating non stop that triggers me to buy more

2024-02-01 21:02


hi gogogo,

yes, we will share information about this counter as we go...
1. why buy this stock
2. who is buying this stock
3. what is going to happen to this stock

You are right on point 2. We have tried to explain point 1. we will continue to explain point 2 and 3 in due time.

Stay tuned.

The Ghost.

2024-02-02 19:02


Hi Ghost,
Cheers and thanks for sharing 😌

2024-02-02 22:19


Hi Ghost,
Thankyou for the info but bits by pieces just like a Hong Kong drama lol...

2024-02-17 20:35


The Ghost.

Hope everyone had a wonderful CNY. This year was edgy and thunderous, starting of a great, momentous and lucky year for all.

To start 2024, we will share information relating to Point 2.
Who own this stock NOW?
- Hua Xin International, last holding 47% in 2018.. 2019 till todate is only 27% / 182m shares
- he is the chairman now
- his background was technical and started with beverages and soon ventured into wines business in PRC.

Nothing sexy or interesting about his profile because since he is letting go of the company soon, we focus on other prospecting names/groups.... hehehehe

After 2018, we saw the emergence of another group of investors related to ATTA. They became the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th largest shareholder in the company till 2022. Combined, they owned 14%, and became the 2nd largest group of investors.

Who is ATTA? those in up North will know them... ATTA Global Group Berhad @ now known as Mayu Global Group Berhad.

MAYU Global Group which is previously known as ATTA Global Group Berhad was incorporated on 14th December 1981 as SMPC Metal Industries Sdn Bhd. It was converted to a public listed company on 18th February 1995 and was successfully listed on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia on 15th February 1996.
MAYU is an investment holding company whilst its subsidiary companies are principally involved in the process of steel coil, tube, strapping, steel furniture, metal roofing, floor decking, perforated metal and the industrial recycling of scrap metal.
With over 40 years experience, the MAYU group is an established leader in the Iron & Steel Industry.

Summary - Mayu was a strong metal, property and development company. Why would they want to acquire control shares in the company? Our initial thinking is the company have access to the businesses in China, with ready and established network and business partners. Price was also reasonable, to control 14% @ 94m shares @ 0.05 cents = about MYR4.8m.

Its a RISK vs REWARD bet.

with the REAL potential collection of the land asset of RMB238m @ MYR178m... what is MYR4.8 vs MYR178m?????

Ok, so now the story gets interesting... was it real or just a pitch to get in new investors to support the company?

Till next time.

As mentioned, got money buy 1m shares, its only RM45k (0.045 cents now). The potential reward is a CAMRY + Capital returned. Soon will be RM50k investment (0.05 cents) as lesser investors are willing to place out the shares since its going to be after CNY.


2024-02-18 23:28


Not sure how reliable is the info but some news says that NSK is coming on board

2 months ago


If NSK then good news …china co all not doing well in Malaysia but Taiwan co like wellca uchitec r ok

2 months ago


Not sure how reliable the info from my side but info from the ghost is much reliable compare to mine. The investor from the North is the same info I got but not as elaborate compare to the ghost

2 months ago


The Ghost.

Chipping in quickly -NSK Trading took over Versatile Creative Berhad way back in 2021/2022....

There is a shareholder whom is dealing with wholesale frozen seafood supplies but the Ghost think it may be just a small part of the intended business the Company is looking into.

The Management wrote last year they met with SC/Bursa of an intended partner coming into the Company whom is in the similar industry and businesses.

The Big Guns are like;
1. Luen Heng
2. Tong Woh
3. Thai Seng
4. AlbertWines
5. AsiaEuro

Tapi tak jalan, maybe sin business not sexy anymore.

Anyway, keep buying if you have bullets...

Now is buy 1m shares @ 0.05cents , you need MYR50k. Still cheap.

The Ghost.

2 months ago


So quiet 🙄

2 months ago


Hopefully there will be some action next week

1 month ago


I’m very full … anyone can help

1 month ago


@The Ghost
This month will be full of surprises

1 month ago


Hi all,

Its been an interesting 2 months since we wrote about this company and others....
We do hope everyone (who believe it), to have invested some cash into this potential

RISK vs REWARD : calculated BET

ok, let's go to disclose and explain some notable shareholders in this interesting counter. Nothing we are disclosing is not known, just some further clicking of the mouse will land you somewhere/forensic science tracking.

Related to Point 2 - WHO OWNS THIS STOCK.

As mentioned, the founder, can forget him. The MAYU boys are still there. Then come Dr CHIN KUAN HAOK @ CHEN KOH FOOK. Who is Dr Chin? he is the famous brother inside the company named Chen Choy & Sons Realty SB.

Chen Choy & Sons Realty SB - GIANT in Kajang - owner of Metro Kajang Holdings Berhad (MKH). They are the Big Boys in this area above Cheras called Kajang, famous for its Satay Haji Samuri. They are into Property Development, Property Investment, Oil Palm Estates & Building Materials Trading ... in short they are super cash rich, about MYR371m FREE Cash in their 2023 coffers.

So why Dr Chin of this family (old skol like a dynasty) wants a piece of this company so BADLY that he bought all the way till Jan 2024 and STOP? he owned 107m shares @ 15.926%, 2nd largest after the founder. GUESSS....

Beside him, we have some notable other investors worthy of mention; (not in order of ranking etc)
- Dato Tan WL of TWL Berhad (Property Development, Timber, Manufacturing & Medicare)
- Famous Mr Ng of XOX Berhad (Telco ICT)
- Mr Ooi CS (Formerly Green Ocean & Chin Hin Group)
- Mr Lim ES (Ex FX Broker i think)
- Owners of Lucky Fish Farm (Oriental Grand Walmart)
- Owners of Lim Seong Hai Holdings Sdn Bhd ( Powerful Property Developer, lightings, auto etc)

Now, after disclosing all these shareholders (which are already in their annual report), what will happen to the company's share price? DOES it make sense that these "worthy" shareholders will let the company DIVE into bankruptcy and get suspended by Bursa? Hell no, its an open secret in the company that their assets in China is Super Attractive!

So, we will repeat ourselves again, got cash, invest MYR50k and get 1m shares. Be rewarded handsomely and thank us the Ghost later.

We hope positive news will come out soon.

We saw a Mr Chiang Kai Ming, a PE M&A guy is onboard, that is better... previous mgmt proposal was not working at all, just propose some RTO candidates and let it jump!.

We think the best business for this company to venture now is into TRAVEL / Hospitability... since CHINA is opening up for tourism and the company have so many network partners in China. Bring MY/SG/INDO/THAI and all to visit China, best business to be in now. The hospitability chain is huge in China, from accommodation, F&B, services, history & cultures... 1 Dragon head to tail package ! No need to fork out heavy capital to start the business, travelers for tourism is all cash business... OR just M&A with some travel agencies to start the motion going. Selling wines is just part of the travel chain... move up the supply chain and command the margins!

Ok, hope the company is going to do good this year 2024 and excel to 25Cents. Ghost Target!

The Ghost.

3 weeks ago


@the Ghost
Thanks for sharing

3 weeks ago


The Ghost
MKHOP make an impressive debut today. Will Cnouhua venture into oil palm business as well since Dr Chin is a major shareholder now?

2 weeks ago

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