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Europe energy crisis

2022-09-07 05:48


Ha Europe countries deserve it. If your head is not big enough then wondering why you wear so BIG hat. You deserve it.

2022-09-07 06:19


Can buy GCB now at RM 2.33 because all bad news has been reflected in the price.

Buy in

2022-09-08 21:21


opps... now 2.19 only.... howah?

2022-09-30 22:04


Dear HowAh.

That's very subjective question. Every investors here may have difference thought/action.

My personal view it is a buy call if you have excessive cash. But be ready for the next 2-3 years market turbulent.

Sell if you may need to use $$ that you have invested in the near future before it is too late

2022-10-03 10:53


most probably this share will fall below RM2..

2022-10-05 12:02


standby to top up at RM 1.65

2022-10-05 12:03


Very good offer, don't bet it.

2022-10-06 11:04


Already buy it. Believing on its great potential

2022-10-11 09:21


believing is one thing..
buy at super worthy low price is another thing

2022-10-11 10:10


@Nepo, you will buy at RM1.65?

2022-10-11 12:29


Yes going to. hopefully can reach at that price

2022-10-11 14:56


Will buy at 1.80 :-)

2022-10-11 15:59


omg drop into deep deep deep steep valley.

2022-10-21 08:05


Can sb pull me up, in deep shxt hole, help me

2022-10-21 21:52


This stock is stabilizing.
Trend already reverse
The worst is over
Can buy now @2.09
Date : 7 Nov 22

2022-11-07 11:25


@Nepo, so cannot buy at RM1.65 ady?

2022-11-07 13:20


Now waiting for QR
if QR not good, then die lor, stock tumble..
if QR maintain or good, then most probably will hold at current price..

2022-11-08 09:22


Was very surprised that the WB conversion took only 3 market days to be credited to my account. On the memo it stated 8-10 market days.

2022-11-08 14:22


mind sharing the purpose of your warrant conversion?
is it for the purpose of profit taking?

2022-11-09 14:15


warant oredi expired.... when qr good, will fly to the moon

2022-11-09 14:56


@Nepo, the purpose of the warrant conversion is to convert the warrant into mother share @ RM 1.65/share.

2022-11-09 17:31


die, no more bullets already..
now lying flat & waiting to be slaughtered..

2022-11-10 11:39


Going to announce good Q result?

2022-11-16 15:39


Most likely as they will benefit from weak RM-USD exchange. Their 6MFY22 already achieved 63% of FY21 profits. Hoping they will declare another dividend in the Q3 QR.

2022-11-16 16:43


B1. Review of performance
The Group’s revenue of RM1,100.5 million for the current quarter ended 30 September 2022 is higher than the
revenue in the previous corresponding quarter ended 30 September 2021 of RM998.1 million. The increase of
10.3% in turnover is mainly due to improved selling price of cocoa solids and higher sales volume of cocoa butter.
B2. Comment on material change in profit before tax
The Group made a profit before tax for the quarter 30 September 2022 of RM37.5 million as compared with the
profit before tax of RM41.7 million in the preceding year corresponding quarter ended 30 September 2021. This is
mainly due to mark to market currency loss as a result of weakening of MYR against USD and higher finance cost
due to higher interest rate during current quarter ended 30 September 2022. The reduction in profit is also partially
contributed by higher energy cost in Germany.
B3. Commentary of prospects
Energy cost in Q4 2022 is currently on a declining trend in the Western countries, especially in Germany. Besides
that, global freight rates have also lowered down and are close to normalizing. Chocolate consumption still
remains positive despite current high inflationary environment and chocolate demand is expected to maintain
stable growth.
We remain optimistic of our prospect as on top of the above indications, we continued to book in increasing
forward sales of cocoa ingredients for next year. In addition, our Ivory Coast factory has started commissioning
and is expected to run smoothly next year, anticipating additional contribution to our profit in FY2023.
With the higher interest rate, we will carefully look into our financing structure for investment and monitor our
inventory level closely, while working on mitigating the risk of currency exposure. The Group will remain its focus
on the core ingredient processing as well as expansion of the market of better margin industrial chocolate and the
optimization of production according to market conditions

2022-11-22 13:29


Latest QR result look ok and acceptable

2022-11-22 13:30


yup waiting for Ivory branches next year

2022-11-22 13:44


Forex loss could be more in the current qtr. Increasing USD to MYR badly impacted its finance. Its borrowings may be a burden due to increasing interest rates as well.

2022-11-22 15:36


Management may have no choice but to raise the price of its products to counter these factors.

2022-11-22 15:38


Guan Chong remains optimistic as it continues to book in increasing forward sales of its cocoa ingredients for the financial year ending December 31, 2023.

This was an indication of the continued resilient demand for cocoa ingredients, supported by recovery in global air travel and tourism, it said.

2022-11-24 05:38


No worry, latest Germany GDP still ok

2022-11-26 19:20


Buy in

2022-11-26 22:56


Top up @ RM 2.45

2022-12-16 21:40

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Posted by Fabien _the efficient capital allocator > 1 hour ago | Report Abuse

Enjoy the interview


Thanks for this video.
Guan Chong is not an easy business to run. From the video you can see how the first generations were affected. Today, it has grown big; yet not without its challenges. Look at the amount of debt it has to use to grow this business. The biggest is to hedge the cocoa inventories. Guan Chong has grown its market share as during the 2008 crisis, many European companies in similar business have given or scaled down.

In the video, Brandon Tay mentioned a particular company a few times. I think this company mentioned by Brandon Tay is definitely in a business with very strong economic moat; and probably will turn out to be a better business to invest into for the long term.

A company with poor economics, managed by the best manager, in the end, the company turns out the winner. Also it is better to own a great company at fair price than to own a fair company at great price.

Guan Chong may offer short term trading opportunities at times, but I think I will not be a long term investor in this business (just like many members of his very big family).

Just my opinion.

P/E Ratio (TTM)
Market Cap
RM2.82 B
Shares Outstanding
1.17 B
Public Float
397.05 M

2023-01-02 19:51

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Market price $2.40 per share
Market cap RM2.82 B

2023-01-02 19:53

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Historical data 2011

Current Price (7/1/2011): 2.49
2009 Sales 642,649,516
Employees: 180
Market Cap: 597,600,000
Shares Outstanding: 240,000,000
Closely Held Shares: 167,840,000

Market cap of Guan Chong was RM 597,6 million in 2011.
Today its market cap is RM2.82 B.

Average Growth Rates Guan Chong Bhd
Past Five Years
Ending 12/31/2021 (Fiscal Year)
Net Income
Earnings Per Share
Capital Spending
Gross Margin
Cash Flow

2023-01-02 20:04

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Historical data


Price RM 2.510
PE 6.47x
DY 3.05%
Market cap 802.6m
ROE 53%

2023-01-02 20:06


From the buying queue, can be seen that, the price is effectively controlled .....

2023-01-06 16:57


B2. Comment on material change in profit before tax
The Group made a profit before tax for the quarter 31 December 2022 of RM30.6 million as compared with the profit before tax of RM70.2 million in the preceding year corresponding quarter ended 31 December 2021. This is mainly due to reduced margin and higher finance cost due to higher interest rate during current quarter ended 31
December 2022.

2023-02-28 21:10


Profit from operation drops to 50.06m from 78,85m.
Financial cost rises to (19.60m) from (8.73m)
Tax expense reduced to (10,30m) from (20,13m)

2023-02-28 21:19


EPS | P/E |
12.68 Cent | 18.93 |

2023-02-28 22:00


Top up done at RM2.19.good luck guys.

2 months ago


At current price of 2.37, I would rather sell now and buy back later.

2 months ago

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Security LastPr PE DY% Divcts ROE ttm-marg
GCB (Food) 2.42 19.09 1.7 4 8.43 3.4

2 months ago

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