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Lessons to learn from legendary investor John Templeton

Publish date: Sat, 29 Jul 2023, 11:11 PM
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This week is a sharing of some of a lesser known successful investor's quotes. The investor is John Templeton & here are his quotes:

1) The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell.

2) The only reason to sell them a stock now is to buy other, more attractive stocks. If you can’t find more attractive stocks, hold on to what you have.

3) Forgive yourself for your errors. Don’t become discouraged, and certainly don’t try to recoup your losses by taking bigger risks.

On 1), many people do the opposite. They panic sell when Mr. Market panics. They rush in to buy when a stock starts to rise quickly. They forgot about "buy low, sell high".

In my past articles, I've written on my optimism on Malaysian stocks in general, despite a bear market where many share prices kept falling. I hope last week's rebound on KLSE is just the start of another bull run to last for another few years.

On 2), occasionally I found myself selling some winners too early. Worse, I swapped for some stocks which caused me losses. So, if you're holding undervalued stocks, hold on, until you found better ones. Don't switch stocks just because share price is not moving. And don't buy a stock just because some forumer keeps promoting it.

On 3), it's a reminder for us to learn from our mistakes and continue investing. Some might give up totally on equity investing, but don't let it cause you to gamble on investing scams or crypto instead. 


The Malaysian stock market seems to have more activity with the lower stamp duties ruling.

 As El Nino arrives, plantation stocks are gaining traction. 

Foreign funds' inflow had revived banking stocks. 

The "airline in red" received another extension to submit regularisation plan.

These are pleasant news to my portfolio. 


Disclaimer: This article is not tailored financial advice, but mere general stock sharing / observations. Please do further due diligence. 

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