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Investing for Long Term? Malaysia can or not? (my portfolio review)

Publish date: Sat, 24 Jun 2023, 10:10 PM
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Let's use my "Diamond Hands Portfolio", which started on 1/5/2021. (it's available on i3investor: https://klse.i3investor.com/web/portfolio/mypf/180447)


Meaning of "Diamond Hands":  I don't sell easily & hold tightly. 


I believe in the airlines' industry's recovery, despite the high oil prices. AirAsia is still one of the world's best low-cost airlines, which is their "moat". Its SuperApp is supposed to assist in expanding its business. Better times will come for the AirAsia group.

Average cost ≈ RM0.74, small positive returns for now, bigger returns expected in future.


This stock is a bet on the casino and tourism business, which I categorise as Buffett's "businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them". Its recovery story has been pretty intact, although falling short of analysts' expectations. 

Genting Berhad stock is highly sensitive to the KLCI index. When the foreign funds & local funds return, share price will follow suit. 

Average cost ≈ RM4.74, Dividends helped to lower the cost price.


The 2 most valuable companies on the local stock market had been in business for over half a century, growing the Malaysian economy in the process. Banks are essential services that almost everyone need to use on a frequent basis. The strong presence of these established banks all over the country is their "moat". The fact that you can't just simply open a bank for business is another "moat". 

Although loan growth in the past few years have gone down, and high interest rates will dampen loan growth further, banking stocks are attractive to me. Banks are still capable of attracting the best talents to sustain their business. Digital banks are still in its infancy & can hardly give the banks a run for their money. Malaysia as a developing nation would still need banking services to grow its economy.


This is a relatively-unknown small cap company, where its main business is in making & selling hoses. Wellcall is the largest manufacturer of industrial rubber hose in Malaysia.

WELLCAL is a regular dividend stock, with stable business performance. Growth has been stagnant the past few years, but is poised for more growth in future as its joint-venture with Trelleborg bears fruit.​

Average cost ≈ RM1.08, Return on investment has been good.


More info written in my past articles. 

Average cost ≈ RM2.11, still a profitable investment. 


CPO prices retreating from their highs present a good opportunity to buy oil palm stocks for the longer term. IOICORP's disciplined approach to share buybacks is also admirable. 

Average cost ≈ RM3.76, minimal loss.


The alcohol beverage business in Malaysia seems to produce high ROE amidst low reinvestment needs & is constantly producing good cashflows. Note that share price should fall after the state elections if PN-PAS wins more seats. 

Average cost ≈ RM23.46, returns has been satisfactory.


The glove industry is still full of dark clouds. Once it sees some light, share prices move up at fast pace. More than a year is required. 

The only stock to suffer >50% loss in this portfolio. 

Average cost ≈ RM5.50, returns have been depressing.

No longer in this portfolio: MAYBULK

This was a speculative bet that it would recover after years of underperformance. 

Alas, it's a business which I can't really understand. “If you can't explain to an 11-year-old in 2 minutes why you own a stock, then you shouldn't own it.”-Peter Lynch.

Opportunity costs also led to cut-loss. 

Average cost ≈ RM5.45 with negative returns.


Question: Does buying for the long term work on Bursa Malaysia? 

Answer: It's still too early to tell after 2 years. 

Most stocks in my "Diamond Hands portfolio" are household names & leaders in their own fields. 

In poor market conditions from Covid-era until now, the established companies have better chance of survival & performing well. 

As I often emphasized, a company's strong track record is very important because it gives me the confidence to buy my stocks for the long term. 

P.S. - 

On 2/5/2021, KLCI was 1587.45. On 23/6/2023, KLCI was 1390.89. (-12.38%) 

On 2/5/2021, Diamond Hands portfolio was 100,000.00. On 23/6/2023, Diamond Hands portfolio was 98,223.30. (-1.78%)

Disclaimer: This article is not tailored financial advice, but mere general stock sharing / observations. Please do further due diligence. The author disclaims all liabilities from readers. The author may own some abovementioned stocks.

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