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Stocks on My Watchlist for 2024 (KLSE)

Publish date: Sun, 31 Dec 2023, 01:00 PM
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As per title, here are 5 stocks that come to my mind for 2024. I noticed usually  stocks not in the radar of investment banks have more potential to grow. 


VS, a Malaysian homegrown company, is one of the world's leading EMS companies . Its share price had fallen around 10% from 1 year ago. Although customer concentration is a key risk (think ATA IMS), VS has performed quite well over the past 5 years. With the ringgit currency's depreciation, there could be potential for more contracts as foreign countries may opt for Malaysia as a lower-cost manufacturer. Additionally, if interest rates are lowered, customers' purchasing power may increase VS' sales.


In contrast to VS' billion dollar revenue, FP Group's revenue hasn't even reached the RM100mil mark. Share price slumped around 15% from last year. Despite being a smaller company indirectly involved in the semicon industry, FP Group never suffered any losses since IPO. In view that the global semicon industry is recovering, FP Group should benefit too. Its net cash position is one of its strengths.


UTDPLT seems to be the best plantation company, judging by its superior profit margins & high ROE. It also offers lucrative dividends. Share price rose about 15% from last year. While shunned by investment banks, perhaps UTDPLT's recently caught Mr. Market's eye, with its share price movement gaining momentum. A correction is due, though. The issue of labour shortage & CPO price volatility should have subsided since last year. Coupled with the El Nino phenomenon which adversely affects oil palm output, CPO prices could be elevated next year.

The Usual Names:

Last but not least, I'd still keep an eye on my favourites of AHEALTH, CAPITALA, PBBANK, WELLCAL, HARTA, etc. which have been featured in my old postings. The likes of AHEALTH & PBBANK are so stable that constant monitoring may not even be required. WELLCAL's JV is just starting to bear fruit, a nice sight. CAPITALA is not everyone's cup of tea, but they're still dominant in the aviation industry & flight fares are still high now. HARTA's recovery is promising & a long journey awaits.


Selecting stocks with a wonderful record at reasonable valuations and holding for longer-term is still my preferred way. 

Although the utilities stocks & cement stocks are the big hits for 2023, I'd avoid buying them now to hold until next year. Buying share price highs is prone to losses if the company's earnings disappoint. 

As retail investors, we are ikan bilis compared to the big sharks, eg fund managers, rich syndicates ,etc. They can exit position in a stock quickly, share price will follow accordingly. Not losing money over the long term should be preferred over your desire for quick short profits. Although the US stock market has reached new heights, it also means Mr Market is in jubilant mood. Conserving more cash for 2024 would be best for conservative investors.

To quote Dr. Tan Chong Koay: "Never Fully Invest at All Times".

Wishing everyone a better 2024 & a happy new year. 

Disclaimer: This article is not tailored financial advice, but mere general stock sharing / observations. Please do further due diligence. The author disclaims all liabilities from readers. The author owns the abovementioned stocks except VS, ATAIMS & UTDPLT.

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