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A New Listed Partner of Touch N’ Go?!

Publish date: Mon, 06 Nov 2023, 04:03 PM

As we are shifting into cashless era, e-wallet and digital payment has changed from an “optional” solution to an integral part of our daily lives, where amongst all the e-wallet, Touch N’ Go stands out to be the top contender in terms of users and Gross Merchant Value (GMV).

Just today, we noticed that Touch N’ Go had officially revamped their ‘GoRewards’, which now offers a higher rebate of 1%, which is similar to ‘Setel’ by Mesra Link.

For example, every RM100 spent would translate to 100 points, where the points are equivalent to a value of RM1. Just imagine the sheer size of GMV going through Touch N’ Go on daily basis.

Now, if you click on ‘GoRewards’ and click ‘Catalog’, I'm sure you can identify ‘Presto’ as one of its conversion partners, as this is the highlight of this article, a hidden gem, partner of Touch N’ Go.

According to a study by HSBC, Presto Mall, the one shown on the snippet above, is in fact the 4th largest Unicorn in Malaysia, specialising in providing e-commerce ecosystem solutions, especially in loyalty points management.

In the world of e-wallet business, it is integral to maintain loyalty of users, and this is exactly what Presto designed to help their customers - for example, BonusLink is also one of the partners for Presto.

How would this help for Presto? Just imagine the sheer size of GMV from Touch N’Go, and bear in mind, this is not being strongly promoted to users yet, once the collaboration kicks off, it is very likely people would flock to the reward system.

I mean, who doesn't love free money?

Most importantly, Presto is owned by a Malaysian listed technology company - PUC Holdings Berhad (PUC), which is under their 100% owned subsidiary Presto Technology.

For information, PUC is now only trading with a market capitalization of RM130 million.

This is truly the gem of the whole collaboration, as PUC is far from capitalising its value yet.

Investors - keep your eyes on PUC.

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