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MSP273 Weird Science: Cyborg Locusts, Generative Video & Electronic Beats

Tan KW
Publish date: Fri, 23 Feb 2024, 12:46 PM
MSP273 Weird Science: Cyborg Locusts, Generative Video & Electronic Beats

23-Feb-24 11:00

Matt Armitage, Founder, Kulturpop

Rich and Matt embark on an unconventional journey through the realms of weird science, touching on advancements in clean energy and forensic science before delving into the heart of the episode: cyborg locusts. Matt shares his fascination with the idea that scientists are implanting electrodes in locusts' brains to harness their keen sense of smell for detecting chemicals, potentially revolutionising bomb detection technology.

The conversation shifts to AI, specifically the updates and quirks in ChatGPT's performance and the introduction of personalised user models. They debate the balance between personalization and privacy, the potential benefits and pitfalls of AI remembering user preferences, and the broader impact of such technologies on society. They look at OpenAI's incredible new generative video model Sora and touch upon Google's advancements in video analytics with the Gemini model.

Via a diversion into tree frogs in Ukraine as an example of evolution in motion, they explore the health benefits of electronic music, discussing a study that reveals how different tempos can influence brain activity and emotional states, underscoring the potential therapeutic uses of music.

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