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Online Scams: You Could Be Next

Tan KW
Publish date: Sat, 02 Mar 2024, 03:14 AM
Online Scams: You Could Be Next

01-Mar-24 18:00

Aidila Razak, Special Reports Editor , Malaysiakini | Victor Goh , Industrial Psychologist

Online scams have been a hot topic lately, with accounts of scammers finding new ways to target victims; Duping people by using personal information, manipulating them by romancing you (shown in stories of love scams).The government is ramping up efforts and new policies to protect the public and the folks at Kini News Lab have joined efforts to educate the public on online scams with their new game. So we speak to Aidila Razak, the project coordinator of the game, on how they developed it. Later, we speak to a psychologist about how scammers manipulate and find people's vulnerabilities.

Image Credit: BrianAJackson, iStock

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