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X Marks the Spot: 10 years of e27's TOP100

Tan KW
Publish date: Tue, 23 Apr 2024, 02:39 PM
X Marks the Spot: 10 years of e27's TOP100

23-Apr-24 12:00

Mohan Belani, CEO and Co-Founder, e27

Today on the show, Enterprise explores Echelon's annual Top100 Program, a program specifically curated to boost the growth for startups in Malaysia. To help me break down the significance of this program to startups across SouthEast Asia, I'm joined in the studio by Mohan Belani, CEO and Co-Founder of e27, the startup ecosystem's go-to platform for insights, connections, funding, and talent opportunities.

Recently, Echelon has revealed the first 26 participants in this program for 2024 and some of the them include startups from Laos, the Philippines, and Malaysia, along with Singaporean applicants.

With that and along the course of our discussion today, Mohan helped us get a better picture on the selection process for startups to enter this program, why fundraising has become more challenging in the startup ecosystem as well as some of the differences between Malaysia's tech startup ecosystem with other participating countries from across SEA.

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