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From Joaquin Phoenix to Rowan Atkinson, we enjoyed your Musk movie casting calls

Tan KW
Publish date: Sat, 02 Dec 2023, 07:41 PM
Tan KW
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Although Musk: The Movie remains on the drawing board, we were delighted by the reader response to our question of who should play the part of the great man himself.

Sure, Will Ferrell and the medium of expressive dance might have won the day, but considering the squawks of incandescent rage being emitted in recent days, if we were to ask again, we're pretty sure that Donald Duck might be elevated from second place to first.

That said, we were rather taken by the suggestion of one Anonymous Coward, who suggested: "Joacquin [sic] Phoenix, with his experience of playing mentally unhinged clowns ("The Joker") and monumentally egotistical rulers of the world ("Napoleon") should have the chops to try take on Musk."

Unhinged? Musk? Surely not.

Howard Sway suggested Musk's antics resembled bawdy British comedies of old: "The whole AI resurrected Carry On team would be even better. Carry On Don't Lose Your Investment, starring Sid James as Elon Musk, Barbara Windsor as Grimes, Kenneth Williams as Jack Dorsey, and Charles Hawtrey as Mark Zuckerberg in the cage match scene."

Certainly a good use of generative AI, although we're not sure about sullying the memory of the great Kenneth Williams in such a way.

Other suggestions included Rowan Atkinson - because of Mr Bean, of course, although Musk does have a certain air of Blackadder about him - and Steven Seagal. Although we can't imagine any connection between a bloated egomaniac with some distinctly dubious political allies and Seagal. That said, as trevorde observed, it would make for an interesting cage fight.

Finally, despite some worthy suggestions including Peter Sellers, Mike Myers, Rob Schneider, and Ben Stiller, we're going to have to agree with b1k3rdude who put it best: "No one, because WTF needs to watch a movie about this f**king imbecile!"

While there is no prize for the winning suggestion - although if you'd care to make an incorrect prediction for tech in 2024, some festive Microsoft garb could be yours - we were delighted to note the esteem in which Musk is held. ®



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