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Microsoft adds more AI to Photos in Windows 10 and 11

Tan KW
Publish date: Sun, 25 Feb 2024, 07:30 AM
Tan KW
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Windows Insiders cannot get enough of AI if Microsoft is to be believed, with the company rolling out AI-infused Photo updates for Windows 10 and 11.

Using AI to tweak photos has long been a thing. Pixel phone and Google One users have had access to the Magic Eraser tool since 2023, and it was therefore inevitable that Microsoft would build on the existing Spot Fix tool with Generative erase.

It's a neat tool, although it is up against some stiff competition from mobile phones, which are, let's face it, usually the source of the images that need editing.

More interesting, however, is Microsoft's decision to roll out all of the AI editing features that were previously the domain of Windows 11 into Windows 10. Windows 11 for Arm64 devices will also get the updates, which include Blur background, Remove and Replace background, and Generative erase.

Microsoft has been foisting AI functionality onto Windows 10 despite the disappearing shelf life of the operating system for a few months now. In November 2023, the company announced the arrival of Copilot on the platform while confirming that 2025 remained the end of the line for Windows 10.

Microsoft also recently crammed AI functionality into the veteran Paint application in the form of Paint Cocreator, a function that accepts text and then generates an image accordingly using the Azure DALL-E service. It does, however, require a Microsoft account and operates on a credit-based system, with one credit used per image.

Microsoft will likely continue adding more AI-infused functionality to its operating system. Copilot gained access to some additional settings this week, and Notepad was recently updated with AI functions.

While Copilot does not have its tentacles as deeply embedded in Windows 10 as Windows 11, it is not hard to imagine more AI tools turning up in the former operating system via application updates from the Microsoft store.

The Photos app update will roll out to all Windows Insiders on all channels. Considering Microsoft's determination to be a leader in the AI field, the arrival of an AI tool that has long been present on rival platforms will come as a relief to the faithful, even if Windows 10 users would probably have preferred a few more months of support than yet more AI functionality on their desktop. ®



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