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Bosch and Microsoft to cooperate on AI technology for car safety

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Publish date: Thu, 29 Feb 2024, 03:01 PM
Tan KW
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BERLIN: Tech giants Bosch and Microsoft have agreed to work together to make cars safer with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), the chair of Bosch's management board, Stefan Hartung, announced on Wednesday.

According to both companies, AI will enable vehicles to assess situations in the future, react accordingly and thus better protect road users.

Tanja Rückert, member of the Bosch management board, said that generative AI is an "innovation booster" and could change the industry, similar to the invention of the computer.

Generative AI refers to a variant of AI that can independently create new content that is almost indistinguishable from human works or even surpasses them. It can be operated using human language.

AI in cars can help to better assess a traffic situation through contextual knowledge, similar to an experienced human driver, said Rückert.

As an example, she cited a situation in which a ball rolls onto the road and the AI system predicts that a child could probably also run onto the road.

"However, a good AI can also distinguish the rolling ball from a scenario in which only an empty plastic bag is blown across the road and emergency braking is not necessary."

The partnership gives German multinational Bosch access to the AI technology of Microsoft partner OpenAI. At the same time, the software company also has sufficient computing capacity to run complex AI calculations on high-performance computers.

Microsoft, in turn, can benefit from the mass of anonymised data generated by Bosch's vehicle computers.

 - dpa

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