ICAP ~ My Mistake ~ Liquidation may not even happen in 2025!

Publish date: Sun, 24 May 2020, 04:22 PM


Many years ago I read the prospectus and knew about the matter of resolution for extension to be carried out in 2020.

So, I bought some ICAP at RM2.06 last week and hope for Liquidation to happen this year.

However, I did not realize that an amendment had been made in year 2016, passed with 98.71%.

Look at the above screen shot, 

The directors shall present the performance since inception in Year 2020 meeting.

Why not the resolution of extension to be carried out immediately after the presentation?

So that the fund could be liquidated if majority of the unit holders not happy with the presentation/performance.

Anyway, look at the approval rate of 98.71% for the amendment in 2016,

I think Liquidation will not happen in 2025,





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From my record, the Price / NAV was less than 80% when the amendment was made / passed. I just don't understand why did those unit holders agree with the amendment?

2020-05-24 17:13

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