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Will the acquisition go smoothly? Who will rules the Prolexus?YB Ventures (5048) or Prolexus (8966)

Publish date: Mon, 04 Apr 2022, 09:56 AM
YB Venture was a little rash in this acquisition activity, which may have something to do with their previous acquisitions being too smooth, causing them to inflate their mentality.
On the one hand, we should contempt the enemy in strategy; on the other hand, we should think the enemy seriously in tactics. This is important.
1. Do you really know how much Prolexus directly and indirectly controls?
2. How much ammo does Prolexus have in total or how much ammo can be mobilized to do this defensive battle, or even counter snipe you. Do you really know?
3. The stable operation mode is to collect silently through several accounts, but do not exceed the specified %, so as to avoid being noticed, and then attack and occupy the city in one fell swoop. Let them completely unresponsive time.
Actually, they really don't have any vigilance, and this is where they fail the most, especially since I have already warned. 
You've already won three directors seat, but if you don't win a majority of the votes, it's for nothing.
And don't think that you can get quit so easily, you will be severely attacked, much more than just losing the shares you bought in Prolexus once you lose. 
But the premise is whether Prolexus knows how to operate. Depends on whether your opponent is it smart enough?Then, he gains more than just repelling the acquirer.
*** Some secrets can't be told, and will lose the fun when say it. Dig deep into your opponent's deepest backstory and you'll be pleasantly surprised. ***
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