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Prolexus (8966) Big Drop Today ~ Prolexus (8966) Secret

Publish date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021, 04:07 PM


Believe that CFO will modify their financial reports to not be so ugly.

Don't know that if there is a chance drop to around 0.35 in the next few months? According to the historical performance of QR 2020-01, it is high possibility adjust to below 0.30. It may be the right time for ticket collection-lower risk and the possibility of high return.

It is expected that @alvin1188 will be very firm and reasonable to share with us that the upcoming quarterly financial report will be better than the previous quarter. When he wrote to communicate with the Prolexus management, I wonder if the Prolexus management has positively told him this time Profit Margin is not decrease and will rise huge, even as high as XX%. Look forward to you being right. Welcome to prove it.

28/06/2021 11:50 AM



According to technical analysis, we see that the daily trend, the weekly trend, and even the monthly trend are in a downward state. This has given us the message that it is not the suitable time to enter the market.

If once the coming quarterly earnings report is really unsatisfactory, the stock price will fall sharply like a snowball.

We can do a calculation. The current stock price is 0.57. If you buy at this position, and if the stock price drops to 0.40 (down 30%). Want to return to 0.57, you need to rise 43%.

If it falls to 0.35 (down 39%), and wants to return to 0.57, it needs to rise by 63%.

If it falls to 0.30 (down 47%), and wants to return to 0.57, it needs to rise by 90%.

So why we want to let us stay in the risk position? This is why I asking people wait until the quarterly earnings report come out, then you can make a decision with clearly view.

28/06/2021 12:22 PM



Looking at today's Announcement - Change In Director's Shareholding.

There are two situations for publishing BI. One is the strategy when know the future performance is good; the other is the strategy when know the performance is not good.

In a disguised form, the company's money is transferred into the amount of its their own shares.

Will the Share Buy Back program be executed in the next? Repurchase 10% of the shares from the market, the overall number of shares will decrease, then the percentage of shares held by these major shareholders will increase in disguise, thus enriching their pockets? If so, really Full of fun!

28/06/2021 7:28 PM



rumor ~~ Originally planned to implement the Share Buy Back 10% plan after BI, so that the shareholding can be increased unconsciously. You tell me that this perfect plan will definitely succeed, no one will knew about it. But the whole forum knows now, can it still be implemented? What should I do if Bursa troubles us? How much trouble have you caused me! You incompetent guy!!! ~~ rumor

The rumor was scolded... just a rumor...

29/06/2021 11:42 AM





Warrant B is coming soon !!!!!


@top_aspen @Newbieinshare @Jason

Do you know why Warrants B has not been listed yet?

There are actually conspiracies and reasons. That's why I replied @Jason said "maybe the Warrants B will list out after the bad result QR."

Think about it, everyone:
1. Is Warrants B issue free for everyone?

2. After you get Warrants B, will you consider selling it? Directly in exchange for cash?

3. If (1) & (2) your answers are both Yes. Then think about it, when you sell Warrants B, who is responsible for paying? Of course it is the person who issued Warrants B. That is Prolexus.

4. According to the announment before, the Warrant exercise price is 0.56. It means that they will buy it back at a price of 0.56 (if you sell it at the moment).

5. Assuming that the stock price continues to decline (it has fallen by 31.88%), how much should the price of Warrants B shoule be fall now?

6. Assuming that QR comes out very unsatisfactorily and the stock price continues to fall, Warrants B is released at that time. The price of Warrants B may drop directly to 0.3. At that time, Prolexus only needs to use 0.30 to buy back Warrants (if you sell at the moment). They can save 46.43% immediately. Are they very smart?

Smart but treacherous enough!

Everyone understands that how Prolexus and his team are playing the dirty games now!


30/06/2021 2:49 PM



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