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Did China violate human rights in Xinjiang? Koon Yew Yin

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Publish date: Sat, 11 Dec 2021, 09:53 PM
Koon Yew Yin
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The following is one of many US propagandas to disgrace China. The China government is committing crimes against humanity against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in the northwest region of Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The Chinese leadership is responsible for widespread and systematic policies of mass detention, torture, and cultural persecution, among other offenses. Coordinated international action is needed to sanction those responsible, advance accountability, and press the Chinese government to reverse course.

The confiscation was part of a U.S. effort to prevent products made in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region from entering the U.S. market, which kicked off in the final days of the Trump presidency with a sweeping ban on cotton and tomato imports from the region.

Unfortunately, most American politicians like to bash China to win more votes and most Americans like it. But what is the truth?

China is one of the largest producers of cotton in the world. The country supplies over one-fifth of the cotton used globally and about 87 percent of the Chinese output of the product comes from its Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Besides cotton Xinjiang’s major exports included electrical products, tomato paste, shoes, textiles, sweet Hami melons, seedless Turpan grapes, fragrant Korla pears, crispy apples and sugar beets which is supporting the sugar refining industry.

They say 1 picture is worth a thousand words.

A photo of cotton harvest by machine to save cost.




Below is Xinjiang’s GDP per capita growth in the last 10 years. This proves that China could not have violated human rights in Xinjiang to produce such a fantastic GDP growth rate. 











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Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 (Malay: Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama 2030), (abbreviated SPV 2030 or WKB 2030) is a government blueprint released in 2020 by the Government of Malaysia for the period of 2021 to 2030 to increase the incomes of all ethnic groups, particularly the Bumiputera comprising the B40 (lower income group), the hardcore poor, the economically poor, those in economic transition, Orang Asli, Sabah and Sarawak bumiputeras, the disabled, youths, women, children and senior citizens

Background Edit
The plan for the shared prosperity vision had been addressed and officially launched on 5 October 2019 by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad following the unsolved large economic gap among the Bumiputera with the failure of fair development and distribution towards the country's demographics due to widespread corruption practices and abuse of power among Bumiputera politicians and state servants which subsequently hindered many past visions for the country's development.[1][4][5] The blueprint also created to upskill Bumiputera Malaysians in various sectors of the country with the country's Prime Minister ensuring that any development taken under the blueprint in both Sabah and Sarawak will not violate native customary rights (NCR) land in the respective territories.[1][6]

2022-01-02 11:14


Ya so what ? You need to see the original ideology arises from where ?

2022-01-02 11:23


Common prosperity arises from EVIL Marxism ideology. Karl Marx came out with Marxism ideology during that period with the objective to overthrow the Capitalism. He came out with the idea & way of bring equality wealth among workers. Common prosperity may sound good on surface but in reality it is not a fair & just ideology. If practiced in itself it will resulted financial disaster to economic of the country that implemented its. The differences between Socialism & Marxism is not that significant.

2022-01-02 11:37


SSlee so now you are telling us that Xi stole the idea from old horse...hahaha

2022-01-02 11:38


He doesn't seem with high IQ. Definitely not selected under Meritocracy system hahaha

2022-01-02 11:39


CPC just like to copycat...now copy cat from old horse

2022-01-02 11:41


Common prosperity only workable in a society that occupied by SAINTS. Only workable amongst the saints

2022-01-02 11:43


Not in a society that greediness, evil, selfish & wickedness exist.

2022-01-02 11:46



Pramila Jayapal
Elon Musk made $36 BILLION in one day, but wants to brag about paying an $11 billion tax bill.

Oh yeah, he also added more than $270 BILLION in wealth just since the pandemic started.

Time for the rich to pay their fair share.
12:36 PM · Dec 24, 2021

2022-01-02 11:48


Why bothering about other people wealth. What he does with his wealth got nothing to do with me nor you... hahaha

2022-01-02 11:51


It is not good to have evil eyes (Red eyes)

2022-01-02 11:51


SSlee just pause & thought for a while, when stockraider came to your house & took away your houses & Mercedes in the name of Common Prosperity then what do you feel... or you just happily said thank you.


You all little pinky communists keep on complaining how other race exploited your race yet you believed in common prosperity ideology

2022-01-02 12:05


Shame on you all

2022-01-02 12:09


"Common prosperity" is the term used to put a stop to extreme capitalism of wealthy Chinese tycoons which the Xi government has tolerated and felt threatened by their challenges to the authority ever since their great leader Deng accepted capitalism as the road to a better life for China populace. A victim of the economic success for embracing a free-market economy.

2022-01-02 12:18


Year in a word: Common prosperity
Closing the gulf between the rich and poor is about proving China can succeed where other countries have failed
December 28, 2021 5:00 am by James Kynge

“Common prosperity”, according to Xi, will be one of China’s most important objectives over the next 15 years. It signals an intention to reduce economic inequality by narrowing the country’s stubbornly large gap between rich and poor.

The president made clear one reason for the slogan’s prominence: he does not want China to suffer the same fate as the US. “The rich and the poor in some countries are polarised with the collapse of the middle class. This has led to social disintegration, political polarisation and rampant populism,” he said in August.

Already, several policy initiatives have been launched under the “common prosperity” banner. Xi has called for the introduction of a property tax, with the aim of making the wealthy pay more for holding valuable property assets.

Similarly, he says, wealthy people should “give back more to society”. Old-age pensions and welfare benefits for the poor should be raised. But — in another clear warning against following the west — Xi warned against falling into “the welfarist trap of encouraging the lazy”.

In a nutshell, “common prosperity” tacitly recognises that while China has officially been building “socialism” over the past four decades, it has created one of the most unequal societies on earth. The time has come, Beijing says, to fix that.

2022-01-02 12:21


So for those who believed in common prosperity please from now onwards don't complain about other race taken away your opportunity or rights in the name of share prosperity...ha..ha..ha...ok ???

2022-01-02 12:26


Please don't be hypocrites & practice what you all preach & belief ok ???

2022-01-02 12:27


More of creating capitalist pigs and now have to choose which pigs to keep and the rest to put down.

Posted by Sslee > Jan 2, 2022 12:21 PM | Report Abuse

In a nutshell, “common prosperity” tacitly recognises that while China has officially been building “socialism” over the past four decades, it has created one of the most unequal societies on earth. The time has come, Beijing says, to fix that.


2022-01-02 12:30


China's journey from poverty to prosperity
By Hussein Askary | China Daily | Updated: 2021-11-04

China has realized "moderate prosperity in all aspects" and eliminated absolute poverty a year before the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC means it has achieved its first centenary goal and is on way to achieving the second, that is, developing China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful, and realizing national rejuvenation by the middle of the century.

But before that, by 2035, China intends to achieve "basic socialist modernization"-raising technological advancement, innovation and living standards to the highest level in the world.

According to the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden, the decisive factors in China's "epic journey" were urbanization and building new city clusters; massive investment in infrastructure; raising the productivity of society through industrialization and education and by raising labor skills; rural development including agricultural development and reform; and technological advancement and innovation.

The most striking aspect of the "epic journey" is the consistency of vision, planning and implementation to reach the targeted goals at each stage. That has been possible due to the political and social system led by the Party.

This efficiency of command, combined with the trust and hard work of the people and the Party cadres, has managed to move mountains. Therefore, this aspect of China's development remains unique.

What can be generalized globally are China's vision and long-term development goals with the help of the five-year plans. For other nations to succeed in their efforts, the commitment of the political system to such goals and the support of the people are necessary.

Yet it is important to keep in mind that China has maintained a balance between sustainable development and tackling ever-changing internal and external economic challenges. Due to its sheer size, capabilities and organization, China has succeeded in navigating the stormy seas without changing its course. After every crisis, from the Asian financial and global financial crises to the COVID-19 public health crisis-which has paralyzed the global economy-China has managed to quickly recover and continue contributing to world economic development. Other countries should study how China managed to do so.

Although it took a relatively long time, China succeeded in improving the living standards and productivity in rural areas. This helped make the countryside contribute to national economic growth instead of being a hurdle to development. Once again, massive investments in infrastructure, transfer of technology and Party members' efforts to train rural residents in new skills were decisive factors. Other countries can learn a lot from them.

2022-01-02 12:36

Yo EzLife

it's just an excuses for US to start on trade war against CN to stop the giant from moving forward
XINJIANG ppl never said a word and US start making noises for them for what
damn clown

2022-01-02 12:39


For Xi & his allies
Also great excuse for to use in the name of Common Prosperity to
1. Oppress your opponents
2. Gain huge wealth
3. Excuse for having economic recession

2022-01-02 12:49


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2022-01-02 12:52


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Then having a third one should not be an issue la

Answer : So it seems you are indeed interested to be the 3rd husband! I really don't know what happen to this gen Z!

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Answer : Uncensored! My gender is my business! And no! I am not interested! You are not my type!

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Is This the End of Chinese Leader Xi Jinping?

Is this the end of Xi Jinping? In another episode of General Hostilities, we take another look at the power struggle between current Chinese leader Xi Jinping and former leader Jiang Zemin, the importance of the CCP using "comprehensive leadership" instead of "collective leadership," and what the biography of an unknown propaganda writer from Qinghai tells us about the meaning of some recent propaganda articles.

2022-01-02 15:10



【精選】中國前駐美大使認「打不過美國」? 習近平肅殺親美派行動啟動!?【關鍵時刻】-劉寶傑 吳子嘉 黃世聰 李正皓

2022-01-02 15:17



中國民粹壓不住了! 小粉紅連央視人民日報也舉報! 北京人民大會堂也辱華? 反駁粉紅混亂邏輯, 聊一聊眯眯眼辱華...

2022-01-02 15:20



China expands lockdown to curb the spread of COVID ahead of Winter Olympics | DW News

DW News
3M subscribers
In the Chinese city of Xi'an, people have been taking to social media to complain they have run out of food because of a major lockdown.

Authorities say the volunteers are now delivering supplies to people's homes. Just one family member per household is allowed to go out to buy groceries - and not more than once every three days. China has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards COVID-19 infections, which could be a challenge when it hosts the Winter Olympics in February.

2022-01-02 15:24


Aiya, this is call short pain better than long pain la,only communist country like China is capable to curbing covid 19 in short while,despite of the largest world population.

Look at US continue long pain after long pain. ALA any1 of the country esp BIG 1 like US, even when d whole world vaccinated, covid will not stop bec US long pain will spread 2 d other parts of the world. At d beginning, they had a lot of vaccines but didnt give to the needly until expire...


2022-01-02 15:53



2021: A year when...
Wuhan virus continued to mutate.
China kept trying to control South China Sea
Beijing intensified its crackdowns.
Will Xi Jinping's dictatorship lead to the Great Fall of China?

2022-01-02 16:06


grabConUlar manage to blow up all stockraider liar lies ?

2022-01-02 16:09



Why Are Bridges in China Falling Down?

2022-01-02 17:56



Income Inequality is Good

2.93M subscribers

What if everything you've heard about income inequality is wrong? What if it's actually a good thing for there to be people who are rich and people who aren't? John Tamny, editor of RealClearMarkets, clarifies one of the big misunderstandings of our time. Donate today to PragerU!

2022-01-02 18:00


Haiyah this uncensored boloh loh!

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This type of pea brain low IQ uncensored, u will understand why he got manipulated by the west loh!

Do Not Believe this Pea Brain Uncensored loh!

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China: Highest number of daily COVID cases since Wuhan outbreak | DW News

China has recorded its fourth rise in new coronavirus cases in a row. That's despite some 13 million people already under lockdown in the country's Shaanxi province. The spike in cases there has produced China's highest infection rates since the pandemic's very first outbreak in Wuhan.

2022-01-02 18:03


Correctloh...Uncensored is silly loh!

He do not know how to think loh!

Posted by qqq3333 > Jan 3, 2022 11:30 AM | Report Abuse

Malaysia.....opinions Vs facts

Malaysia if u ask people they will have bad opinions. But what are the facts?

The facts are....Malaysia is an open economy, rely on international trade, located in a growing region, rcep is the largest trade grouping in the whole with China in the center, compassion as a virtue of malays,....tropical culture not desert culture.

Malaysia will be ok. Not the best also not the worse. The main risk is corruption and government spends more than it earns.

2022-01-03 11:34


2942 comments hahaha...Uncle should be thanking me.
This is my last cooment here. Bye Bye see you all in others forum

2022-01-03 12:28

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