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Publish date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021, 09:28 AM
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am leading this large group of Growth Stock Investors.
we r very focus on the mkt.
we aim to catch the right stocks in play at the right timing.



Future contract is too risky due to the high multiple of leverage n MARGIN CALLS. 
2 more draw backs r 
i. there is expiry date to worry about. 
ii. extreme price premium n discount, if u r on the right side, then very good. 

I suggest people should have a nice look at the most wonderful products available in the US mkt. In fact whatever derivatives u can think of that we should have them in msia, they edi existed in US years ago. 

Let me introduce u all to the all exciting 3 X velocity ETF, bull n bear pairs. 
a. no expiry date, just like stocks n hold like stocks but meant for 1-2 mths holding max 
b. no margin calls 
c. no stock selection required = half the battle is won 
d. play n master the sine wave, focusing on the big n small moves 

The pairs r 

TQQQ SQQQ ... Nasdaq index (to mirror 3 X its index movement) 
UPRO SPXU ... S&P 500 index 
FAS FAZ ... Financial 
TNA TZA ... Small Cap cos. 
ERX ERY ... Energy 
UWTI DWTI ... Oil 
NUGT DUST ... Gold 
BIB BIS ... 2 X Biotech index 

They also have country specific 3 X ETFs 
YINN YANG ... China 
Keep going in n out these financial paths, soon we shall know the nooks n corners of the journey, even the potholes to avoid. 
If we r good with bull or bear sides, we will be fully invested for life. Beauty is u can play in bear mkt. 

Find a good US broker. I pay USD$9.95 per contract only n nothing else for any amount, be it $1,000 or $200,000 an order. I love TQQQ/SQQQ pair. 



DO NOTE, NASDAQ is the world's most bullish index = do LONG always on weakness,,, to win BIG,,,

GOOD LUCK n stay SAFE n well... 
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Care to share the us broker you are using?

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