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Publish date: Sat, 02 Oct 2021, 05:27 AM
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Position well for the biggest biz wave in EV n ES metal n EV.TECH.material stocks
With head line news flow like:
China EV Forecast: 50% EV Market Share By 2025
Luxury carmaker Rolls-Royce to switch to all electric range by 2030
these simply mean EV is gaining very fast momentum in biz, = Vol X Velocity.
EV on the road now is only < 5% n is expected to rise to 50% n perhaps 80% by year 2030.
Tesla, TSLA is the distinct mkt leader in EV after building a mega factory in c i n a.
This stock is richly rewarded by the stock mkt at a whopping mkt cap of US$773 billion now. 
It made the owner the world # 1 richest = a proven fact that EV works wonder.
The above news indicated that the grand old big branded names in auto have awaken.
They r having big plans to go 100% EV = the current chip shortage is due to their sudden huge demand.
EV n ES material n metal stocks will do extremely well supplying to old n new auto names.
At < 5% EV on the road:
Stocks like D&O, PMETAL n soon PMBTECH r edi doing so well.
What happen to these stocks, IF there r 50% EV by 2025-30 ?   10 X BIGGER ?
a. A mid size EV.CAR uses about 200 kg of aluminum which needs silicon as hardener. what about truck, lorry, bus etc.
b. The EV.Battery pack is the heaviest item on the car.
Latest tech news said SILICON would be used. Importantly, as its raw material is found abundantly on earth.
Position well for the biggest biz wave in EV n ES tech.material n metal stocks. This biz would grow for centuries...
NB: ES is Energy Storage for renewable energies 
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I believe not many people realise yet that pmbtech is sitting on a gold mine here. Only producer of silicon in Malaysia, silicon price has gone up by 400 % this year, China silicon shortage to last for a long time.
Going by pmbtech's annual capacity of 72000 tonnes, and silicon prices at RM 40k per tonne now, this company is set to do well over RM 2 billion in revenues for fy22. A multi fold jump from their financials this year.

2021-10-02 07:28


Is like 5G . Everyone shouting coming liao coming liao.. end up 2years already.. can't use yet la..

2021-10-02 09:24

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