CRESNDO, the # 1 property stock on Property.Theme.Play in DC Biz

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Publish date: Sat, 23 Mar 2024, 04:16 AM
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The # 1 property stock on Property.Theme.Play in DC Biz.

Property.Theme.Play in JB is back, driven by DC, the best biz in the world now.

lead furiously by its top stocks;
n then
Cresndo, on early sign of recovering from its CN, Correction,

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has a v high intrinsic value as high as $9 as presented by analysts.
being an A1 stock in the property sector, it would likely be the next ytlpowr in the making n MORE...
its location pt on its fin mountain is like ytlp at 1st peak of 2.24 then on Sep 20th, 2023,,
On an imminent grand BO, it becomes derisk = zero risk. it should then be on route to ytlp's 2nd peak of 4.24 n ++.

EW Theory tells its future TP i.e.
n is located at $4.55 n + overshoot.

Cresndo sold 100 acres of land to CINA DC, SIN DC n MSFT DC at high prices totaling $543 million cash.
its mkt cap now is so low VS its VALUE n cash on the book.
it still has large annex land of 102 acres, for DC development on that Pulai plot after selling half away.

its land at Pulai is nearer to Forest City than Kulai.
all foreign tech experts will stay only at F City with SFZ status, to enjoy the max 15% income tax.,.
He added that Johor has also witnessed the rapid expansion of the data centre industry in the past two years.

“At the moment, we have four DC, data centres that are up and running while 10 more are in various stages of construction and another 14 more are in various stages of discussion with the state government and federal government," said Lee.
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giant ib CIMB gave this today:
Weekend Quote:

One successful trade can change your day.
Few successful trades can change your year.
Many successful trades can change your life!

Essentially i.e. PureBULL...

2 months ago


Yes, Crescendo will do well in the foreseeable future.

2 months ago

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DC, Data Centres: All eyes on Asia’s future ‘Digital Tiger’

2 months ago


Malaysia is 3rd largest producer and exporter for solar panel.
Naturally it will be very much cheaper to produce renewable energy because of cheap raw material (solar panel), land cost and easily connected to national grid.

Very important factor for solar energy power plant is proximity to the end user (hyperscale DC), and these DCs have easy access to main submarine cable in Singapore.

2 months ago

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ytlp n cresndo r both SUPER A1 stocks now on klse.

let's hv a FUN quiz:
who do u think will hit 455 1st?

a. ytlp
b. cresndo

the right timing call was here:

1 month ago

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