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Dr Sim encourages Sarawakians who took Chinese Covid vaccines to take Pfizer-BioNTech booster shots

Publish date: Sun, 08 Jan 2023, 03:52 PM

KUCHING, Jan 8 — Sarawakians who have been administered Covid-19 vaccines made in China for their first and second doses are advised to take Pfizer-BioNTech for their subsequent booster shots.

In giving this advice today, Deputy Premier Datuk Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian said those who have taken Chinese vaccines for their first two doses must go for American vaccine for their subsequent booster jab.

The Public Health, Housing and Local Government did not go into details as to why these individuals should opt for Pfizer-BioNTech as their booster shots but stressed that vaccines should help reduce severity and fatality.

“We must continue to be on alert and those who have taken vaccines from China for the first and second doses must take American vaccines for the subsequent shots.

“Those who have had their loved ones passed away due to Covid-19 know that they could not even see their loved ones for the last time,” he said before presenting aids to needy individuals during a charity event here.

The charity event was organised by the Kuching and Samarahan Che Hui Khor Moral Uplifting Society at the hall of Chung Hua Primary School No.3 at Jalan Padungan here.

Dr Sim took the opportunity to wish everyone a good health for it matters the most since medical fees can be costly.

He was pleased to note that the Society will be providing prosthetic legs to selected individuals this year as part of its annual programmes.

He hoped that the Society will collaborate with the authorities in providing prosthetic legs to those who need the replacement.

“Many people are in need of prosthetic legs because of diabetes. One in every five Sarawakian is diabetic. If we do not maintain a balanced diet, more people will end up diabetic, and there are complications such as kidney failure,” he said.

Dr Sim was glad that the Society had been reaching out the needy, the less fortunate and the underprivileged since last month.

He said the Society had set a good example for other organisations to follow in maintaining a caring society for all.

“Like today, over 100 individuals are with us. We help you with love and care, not just out of empathy and sympathy. We must try our best to help those who need assistance especially during festive season to bring cheers and warmth to them,” he added.

Dr Sim noted that the Russia-Ukraine war had affected the global economy with many people struggling to make ends meet due to the soaring costs of living.

He said people hope for world peace because war does not just claim lives and destroys homes but also leads to inflationary pressures.

“We all hope that the war will cease soon so that the inflation rate will not go up further,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kuching and Samarahan Che Hui Khor Moral Uplifting Society president Chai Ming Kuet said the charity event is part of the Society’s programmes to help needy group during this festive season.

“We help all irrespective of race and faith for as long as people are in need, we are willing to assist. During the pandemic in the last two or so years, people suffered and came through. With post Covid-19 now, people still face a lot of pressure due to rising costs of living.

“We will continue to play our role in helping those in need, be it during festive season or in time of emergency such as disasters,” he said.

Chai extended his appreciation to regular sponsors for their continued support in making the Society’s annual charity event a success so as to preserve a caring society.

“This year, we will conduct a study in Kedah for our prosthetic leg campaign and see how we can bring in the technique to Sarawak so that more people who need prosthetic leg can benefit from it,” he said. — Borneo Post

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agreed, careless one too!

2023-01-08 22:01


My friends who took Pfizer vaccine all got infected but recovered. Same with Sinovac. What is the big deal ??

2023-01-09 10:03


this "doctor" maybe a paid shill of big pharmas to push their mrna vaccines.

2023-01-09 10:10

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