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Govt focused on resolving housing woes of second, third generation of Felda settlers, says PM Anwar

Publish date: Thu, 30 Nov 2023, 09:13 AM

CHUKAI: The unity government will give priority to resolving the housing woes of the second and third-generation Felda settlers, says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The Prime Minister said a number of proposals had been received in view of the housing woes of Felda settlers and that all the proposals would be studied before taking any action.

"There are some who claim that I only make announcements but no action (about what is announced). However, just like I have announced before (to eradicate hardcore poverty), from the initial count of 130,000 (hardcore poor) families, we now have only between 11,000 to 12,000 (hardcore poor) families remaining and we can resolve this number by year-end.

"Malaysia is the first country in the world to resolve the issue of hardcore poor,” he said in his speech when attending a function with the Felda and Ketengah communities at Felda Seberang Tayor, here on Wednesday (Nov 29) night.

The Prime Minister also assured the crowd that the government would continue to uplift the image of Felda to safeguard the prestige of the Malay community.

"Believe me, not only the housing woes but also issues of education, digital, technology, knowledge and hoisting the image of Felda.

"Within one year, the unity government has carried out many good initiatives. Believe me, we will continue to bring about changes within our capabilities,” he said.

Anwar reiterated his commitment to not tolerate or compromise any attempts to misuse powers under his administration.

"If we come across any such acts or wrongdoing like seeking or accepting commissions from projects and such cases are confirmed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, I have sought the mandate from all party leaders in the coalition of the unity government to immediately sack them from their posts,” he said.- Bernama

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