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132,404 People’s Income Initiative applications received until Nov 21 — ministry

Publish date: Fri, 01 Dec 2023, 06:13 PM

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 1): A total of 132,404 applications have been received for the People’s Income Initiative (IPR) as of Nov 21, 2023, the Ministry of Economy said.

The ministry said a total of 49,687 individuals from the low-income category qualified to be matched with three initiatives after screening, including 21,944 applicants under the Food Entrepreneur Initiative (Insan), 13,192 under the Farming Entrepreneur Initiative (Intan) and 14,551 applicants under the Service Operator Initiative (Ikhsan).

“In intensifying efforts to eradicate poverty, the Ministry of Economy implemented the IPR, complementing the existing poverty eradication programmes implemented by various ministries and agencies.

“The IPR aims to increase the income of the hardcore poor and the B40 group,” the ministry said in a response published on the Parliament website on Thursday (Nov 30).

According to the ministry, under Intan, the government provides aid in the form of inputs and modern agricultural equipment, training and technical advisory services, as well as subsistence allowances,while waiting for the harvest period.

“Under Intan, a total of 1,020 participants have been approved for the implementation of the programme in 15 locations, covering an area of ​​331.033 hectares, with a total cost of RM92.6 million.

“For Sabah, an allocation of RM16 million has been approved for the IPR-Intan project, involving 340 participants,” said the ministry.

Under Insan, the government provides grants in the form of self-service machine rental payments for two years.

“To begin with, a total of 100 participants across the country have benefitted from the implementation of this pilot programme, and managed to achieve average daily sales of between RM90-RM400,” the ministry said.

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