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Bursa launches IR4U programme to support, enhance investor relations practices

Publish date: Fri, 01 Dec 2023, 01:12 PM

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 1): Bursa Malaysia Bhd on Friday launched the IR4U programme, a comprehensive programme to support and enhance the standards and capabilities of investor relations (IR) practices to raise the visibility and investability of Malaysian listed companies.

Bursa chief executive officer Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift said the IR4U programme provides listed companies with the tools and resources they need to proficiently communicate their value proposition to investors, highlight the companies' investability, and cultivate strong relationships with the investing community.

He said it would encompass the IR4U portal, a comprehensive online resource that serves as a centralised hub. "You will find webinars, articles, and guidebooks covering the latest trends in the IR space, as well as various aspects of effective stakeholder management and IR relevant to private listed companies (PLCs) and IR practitioners,” he said in his welcoming remarks at the IR4U programme launch here on Friday.

Muhamad Umar said the IR4U programme complements the exchange’s existing IR initiatives, such as: the Investor Relations and Public Relations Programme (launched in 2021); the PLC Transformation Programme, specifically through Guidebook Book 3 “Strengthening Stakeholder Management & Investor Relations” (2022); and the Bursa Research Incentive Scheme (2022).

He said these initiatives are part of the exchange’s broader efforts to enhance the profile of listed companies, and invigorate the equities market.

In addition to the IR4U portal, Bursa will release two handbooks entitled “Fundamentals of IR” and “Applications of IR”. 

"Fundamentals of IR" delineates the role and responsibilities of an IR officer in today’s competitive landscape, while "Applications of IR" assists IR practitioners in translating their knowledge into simple, practical applications.

“All of these resources are freely accessible to IR practitioners on Bursa's website.“There will be more to come. We will continue to expand the IR suite of tools, as part of Bursa’s broader efforts to enhance the profile of listed companies - our core equities offerings,” Muhamad Umar added.

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