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Isn’t it brainless for police outriders to risk their lives just to clear the road for VIP?

Publish date: Sat, 24 Feb 2024, 08:05 AM

MALAYSIANS would be familiar with this scenario - driving along a highway when suddenly a traffic police officer - or two - on a motorbike cut in front of their vehicles waving them to stop or slow down.

Acting as outriders, the police personnel is tasked with “clearing” a pathway for VIP vehicle.

But a video uploaded by #UpDateInfo on X (formerly Twitter) highlights the enormous risk these police officers are placing themselves at when doing this aspect of their job.

Taken from a dashcam of what appears to be a lorry/trailer or some sort of heavy vehicle, it shows an outrider performing his duties to ensure smooth passage for a VIP vehicle by bringing to a halt traffic on one lane.

Swinging into the path of the heavy vehicle, the police motioned for it to stop.

Although his instruction was heeded by motorists, the poster pointed out that such a manoeuvre was extremely dangerous given that heavy vehicles cannot suddenly bring themselves to a grinding halt.

There would be greater momentum compared to cars, especially if the vehicle is carrying a heavy load. This could very well result in a horrific accident that claim the life of the police officer on wheels.

The pertinent question is why are these law enforcers having to put themselves at such great risk simply for the convenience of a VIP vehicle?

Many comments accompanying the post which has garnered over 922,000 views at the time of writing seem to echo this sentiment. Here is a sample.

However, quite a few irritated netizens highlighted he policeman’s recklessness in expecting the heavy vehicle to come to a sudden stand-still.

Some were clearly unimpressed, placing blame for poor road etiquette squarely on the shoulders of the police marshals for putting themselves and other road users at risk.

One netizen further suggested that the police force only recruits those with a basic understanding of the laws of physics.

Another suggested making a formal complaint to highlight this dangerous practice.

Some lamented that civilian motorists had no choice but to adhere to the instructions given by the cops.

Regardless of whether the police officer in the video was at fault, the fact remains that this practice is highly dangerous for both outriders and other road users.

The cops should not have to endanger their lives simply for VIP vehicles to speed their way to whatever destination they are headed to. Nor should the safety at other road users be put at risk by this need. - Feb 24, 2024

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