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Who is the real ‘bodoh’ now, netizens ask

Publish date: Sun, 14 Apr 2024, 01:44 PM

UMNO Youth chief Dr Muhammad Akmal Saleh is attracting some negative comments on social media for calling a minister ‘bodoh’ with netizens now asking who is the real stupid.

An X platform influencer posted a missive in which she says all governments are called ‘stupid’ by their opponents, including the once-mighty UMNO-Barisan Nasional (BN) regime which was called stupid for having stupid leaders.

UMNO did lose the last two major general elections, if there is a need to prove a point.

In response to the post on X, netizens are telling the good Dr Akmal that he had to measure his words before he spoke because his party has chosen to be in power with the people he is calling stupid.

A user said Dr Akmal had slandered the King and hoped the authorities would arrest him. The reason is that Akmal called the Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming ‘stupid’ while the King praised the ministry run by the minister for its efficiency.

Other users say the doctor should instead join the opposition and align himself with one of the most visible opposition members to carry on his campaigns.

They say it is not worth it to sit together with the unity government.

In the foreign culture, there is a saying: The one who sees a person as stupid, is also a silly person. This is what the netizens are trying to convey in their comments.

Others are pointing out that Dr Akmal is a supporter of fallen former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak and that shows he is not the smart one.

The lesson learned in this episode of boycotts is that at some point, there is a turning point, as we have seen in some PAS-controlled states where the boycotted brands are now seeing customers flocking to their outlets.

This has enraged the most staunch campaigners for the boycott of brands like McDonalds.

With the number of comments targeted at Dr Akmal now rising on social media, are things now taking a sudden turn? - April 14, 2024

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After marriage you only see the true colours of your spouse… haha

1 month ago


A real smart person won't utter bad words to others, he thinks he is smart but many don't think so, but just an arrogant rubbish politician !

1 month ago


he is rubbish garbage trash!

1 month ago


No mention to boikot AEON Big, a failed Mr boikot.

1 month ago


Repent he & his accomplice should- for making his religion a world laughing stock

1 month ago


Akmal takut jepun! What a chicken head

1 month ago


Instigators: On having the balls, courage and jantanness to surrender

The identifiers for instigators causing vigilanteism can include individuals or groups who:

1. Spread false or misleading information to incite anger or fear.
2. Encourage or participate in violent or retaliatory actions outside of legal channels.
3. Demonize certain communities or individuals, leading to a sense of injustice or persecution.
4. Exploit existing tensions or grievances for personal or political gain.
5. Disregard the rule of law and promote a "justice at any cost" mentality.
6. Use inflammatory rhetoric or propaganda to mobilize supporters towards vigilante actions.
7. Target specific individuals or groups as scapegoats for broader societal issues

1 month ago


fake doctor

1 month ago


Low class politician , only can talk about @R issues. What about the economy ? Blank.

1 month ago


Penyamun BN running the gomen 100 times better than the cleanest PH HEITECHPADU..kikiki

1 month ago

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