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National Unity Ministry to meet with those engaged in provocative online discussions on religion

Publish date: Mon, 15 Apr 2024, 11:15 PM

PUTRAJAYA (April 15): Those involved in provocative discussions about religion on social media will be called to attend a face-to-face meeting soon as a measure to ensure that the country’s harmony is preserved.

Deputy National Unity Minister K Saraswathy said the session will hopefully encourage understanding and unity among the public, and ensure that religious provocative issues do not recur in the future, adding that it was among the matters agreed to by National Unity Minister Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang during a meeting with the ministry and a Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) representative in Putrajaya on Monday.

“The minister emphasised that the ministry is concerned, and encourages understanding and mutual respect between followers of all religions to ensure all individuals can practise their religion and faith peacefully.

“The ministry would like to stress that it is the people’s ability to celebrate the diversity of ethnicities, religions and richness of culture and traditions that form the core strength of our country,” the deputy minister said in a statement on Monday.

He also said that the discussion between the ministry and MHS touched on issues relating to hate-filled statements and religious insults on social media that are deemed provocative and affect the public harmony and order.

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