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PAM cautions against engaging unregistered persons misrepresenting as architects

Publish date: Thu, 23 May 2024, 04:18 PM

KUALA LUMPUR (May 23): The Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) has cautioned against engaging unregistered persons misrepresenting as architects, to avoid potential pitfalls. The organisation also urged anyone who may have been misled into appointing unregistered persons to report the matter to the police or Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM) immediately.

In a press statement issued by PAM on Thursday, its president Adrianta Aziz (pictured) said: "Projects undertaken by unregistered persons or companies are not subjected to rigorous scrutiny, thereby exposing clients and the general public to a myriad of risks including substandard designs, safety issues such as compromised structural integrity, legal liabilities, potential abandonment and financial losses."

Meanwhile, deputy president Dexter Koh said many homeowners only approach architects to engage their services after they experienced problems such as contractors abandoning or absconding, or their unregistered designer not fulfilling their obligations, especially in obtaining building plan approvals. 

"Therefore, it is imperative for the public to understand that appointing registered architects guarantees accountability, competence, and compliance with industry standards. Registered architects possess the necessary qualifications, expertise, and professional integrity to deliver exceptional architectural solutions combining safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal," Koh stressed.

To verify the credentials of architects, the public is encouraged to visit the LAM website at to cross-reference individual architects and their practice registration details. Registered Architects carry the professional prefix ‘Ar.’, similar to the distinctions of medical professionals.

"In Malaysia and many other countries, the term ‘architect’ is protected by law and cannot be used by persons who are not registered under the provisions of the Act," shared Adrianta, who is also a board member of LAM, adding that the statutory and ethical obligations of Architects are outlined in the Architects Act 1967.

Meanwhile, PAM vice president Ridha Razak also advised the public to be wary of online platforms which claim to offer designer and builder matching services for renovation works, as they often list only freelance or unregistered designers. "One particular website listed 191 companies as ‘architects’ but upon investigation, only one company is a bona fide registered architectural practice."

PAM urged members of the public who may have been misled into appointing unregistered persons to promptly cease all work and payments, and report the matter to the police or LAM immediately.

"The paramount concern of PAM remains the safety and well-being of the public, underscoring the collective responsibility of the institute and its members to uphold the standards of professionalism and integrity within the construction industry. These professionals have recognised qualifications, and requisite practical experience, sat and passed the examinations conducted by LAM, and registered with the board in ensuring that buildings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safe and compliant with regulatory standards," PAM stated.

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