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TAFI - Riding on Steady Uptrend (not too late I guess)

Publish date: Thu, 01 Dec 2022, 09:57 PM
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TAFI - Riding on Steady Uptrend (not too late I guess)

= Steady uptrend formed after bottoming and consolidated since June to Sept.

= Not a best entry but it's a smart entry, as trend is confirmed, join now to ride on the trend.

= Easy and clear strategy, use previous low and MA as the support, as long as the support is valid, the trend is valid.

= Recent QR delivered steady result with certain improvement on earnings, thanks to improved furniture sales and ongoing projects, but a big portion of PAT was due to one-off gain of disposal.

= Shareholdings wise we can see few major shareholders were adding stake for past 1-2 months, which could be a positive factor for this round of uptrend.


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