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Publish date: Fri, 17 Dec 2021, 01:54 PM

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The recent market news of ATAIMS got terminated by DYSON based on ESG and labor issue had certainly made investor caution on the other EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) Contract Manufacturer.


Current listed company that are contract manufacturer to Dyson are ATAIMS, VS Industry and SKPRES and a few other unlisted entities. With ATAIMS going off the line, there will be a contract of almost USD 1 billion looking for new supplier. Who will be the potential party to get a piece of the cake?


Back then, ATAIMS came in through an RTO of DENKO INDUSTRIAL CORP BHD. The RTO process involves a take over from Oregon Technology Sdn Bhd for 55 cents per share. Subsequently, the company is RTO by IMS and renamed into ATAIMS BHD in 2017.


With the current situation beleaguering ATAIMS, there might be a potential new comer into the scene of Contract Manufacturing for EMS sector. This company is BSL CORPORATION BHD (BSLCORP - 7221)


BSLCORP already had contract manufacturing services for some Japanese clients with more than 40 years of history. However, the company as of late had a shadow of movement which resembled to DENKO in 2017.


BSL Corp rises above takeover offer price to record high in morning trade | The Edge Markets


The company had take over offer at RM 1.15 by Mr Pang (sanichi) and Mr Ho(pnepcb) not long ago, which is at July 2021 and intend to maintain the listing of the company.


Subsequently, BSLCORP undergo a series of corporate exercise which includes

- share split of 1 to 2

- bonus issue of 1 warrant for 2 shares


- private placement


The corporate exercise will enhance the liquidity of the shares in BSLCORP.


The company intend to expand the capacity of semiconductor exposure in order to cater for their business transition into a strong EMS player in the sector.


BSL Corp acquires Singapore-based SD Unify to extend exposure in semiconductor sector | The Edge Markets





Will BSLCORP be the next candidate to fill up the space that will be left vacant by ATAIMS ?







Please be informed that I am not a professional or certified analyst. I am not a licensed consultant, just a normal retail investor. I am just sharing my ideas and opinion on the market outlook. Any company mentioned should not be interpreted as a buy/sell/trade call. Please do your own research and buy/sell/trade at your own risk.



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BSLcorp is a joke

2021-12-17 15:01


give 6 months and we will see

2021-12-20 14:51


ATAIMS balance 6 months to go.. after that then BSLCORP lo

2021-12-20 14:52

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