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2023-06-20 14:45 | Report Abuse

Anything that is broken can always be fixed.
It is not like the Titanic or Sapnrg, once it's sunk, it is sunk....


2023-01-12 08:30 | Report Abuse

Senheng is in the business of selling electrical & electronic goods. IPO price is RM1.05, current price 58 sen. Tech products like PCs & phones are on a down cycle. US recession & loss of jobs in tech sector are happening.
Tread carefully.


2023-01-12 06:00 | Report Abuse

Gartner is forecasting worldwide semiconductor revenue growth to decline by 3.6% in 2023 while the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics projects the global semiconductor market to contract by 4.1% to US$557bil.


2023-01-05 15:57 | Report Abuse

Genting to sell Miami property for $1 B. then to bid for New York casino licence 10 yr for $1 B. Is it a good deal?


2022-10-29 17:03 | Report Abuse

The Macau casino players will continue to bleed until 2023.
Macau, the world's biggest gaming hub raked in $36 B. in gambling revenues in 2019 - six times the Las Vegas Strip, before COVID decimated it to $10.8 billion in 2021.

Currently Macau issued 6 licences with many satellite casinos using same licence. Many satellite casinos already shut down or ask to within 3 yrs in new law.
Also, new gaming law do not allow more 5% crossholdings between concessionaires. The Ho siblings own and run MGM China, Melco and SJM.

If GMM gets licence, it will start to build an integrated resort in 2023 that will add more revenues starting in 2024 or 2025. Genting's biggest draw is the fact that the Genting runs Asia’s two largest theme parks. It's a sensible growth plan for the next 5 years.
GENM is a GEM!


2022-10-05 14:16 | Report Abuse

METMalaysia forecast heavy rains & thunderstorms in West Malaysia states. Plantations in west Malaysia affected but plantations elsewhere OK.


2022-10-05 11:34 | Report Abuse

The Company recorded accumulated losses amounting to RM690.6 M (largely from impairment losses and some from its non-producing Australia venture). The purpose of this capital reduction exercise is to offset these losses using the cash generated.

Like AirAsia, HPB will have a cleaner balance sheet.
Will there be growth in earnings in future quarters?
Both depends on the oil price.
Ask the USA, they can guide you on the oil price futures...


2022-10-05 11:13 | Report Abuse

Hibiscus finally has to pay RM85.7M SST tax to Sabah Govt although it does not consider oil as taxable goods. It's just a simple arrangement. If no payment, no work permits for your workers... your choice


2022-08-16 09:31 | Report Abuse

Berkshire's biggest single investment got a bit bigger during the quarter because it bought nearly 4 million more Apple shares, giving it 894.8 million shares of the iPhone maker. The tech-averse investor's conglomerate also picked up more than 10 million Amazon shares, giving it nearly 10.7 million shares.


2022-08-05 10:04 | Report Abuse

China firing live firing rounds this time after Pelosi visit is called the 4th Taiwan Straits crisis. The 3rd Taiwan Straits crisis was in 1995 when Taiwan President Lee Teng-Hui visited Cornell U, USA. The 1st Taiwan Straits crisis was in 1954... so wait n watch the next Taiwan Straits crisis again.

Anyway, President Yoon of South Korea has snubbed Pelosi by not meeting but holidaying... The Foreign Minister of S Korea also not meeting her, only the speaker.
The whole trip has a poor ending for Pelosi ...


2022-08-04 16:30 | Report Abuse

Hotel association Malaysia may consider hire ex-convicts to alleviate manpower shortage...


If there is consumption n no unemployment, recession or depression not so soon in Malaysia. When your neighbour's young son is out of work, then maybe a downturn is coming.
Most likely, your neighbour's son doesn't want a 9-5 job but want to be a free-n-easy swing trader!


2022-08-03 11:00 | Report Abuse

Many are wondering whether EPF is liquidating assets after some 100 B withdrawals from the i-Lestari, i-Sinar, i-Citra schemes & the one-off RM10K?
Presently, any sale n purchase of assets by EPF is part of its investment balancing activities. For instance, from Jan to Aug 2022, EPF added a 100 M shrs of Inari, 24 M shrs to Ambank, 26 M shrs of RHB, etc.
It's just that EPF is doing a bar bell approach to investment between risk and reward.
(No swing approach needed here)


2022-08-03 10:03 | Report Abuse

"China appears to be positioning itself to potentially take further steps in the coming days and, perhaps, over a long time horizon," adding, "These potential steps include military provocation, such as firing missiles in the Taiwan Strait or around Taiwan."

"We will not take the bait or engage in sabre-rattling,"
"At the same time, we will not be intimidated."

Pentagon Spokesman


2022-08-03 09:45 | Report Abuse

Dufu posts higher profits, mostly from forex gains, gives higher dividends...


2022-08-03 09:39 | Report Abuse

US' one-China policy has not changed with Taiwan visit:

US National Security coordinator John Kirby on Monday said that the United States is clear about its One China policy and does not support "Taiwan independence" amid the reports of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.
"We are clear that nothing has changed about our one China policy which is guided by Taiwan Relations Act. We do not support Taiwan's independence," Kirby said while addressing a media briefing.
"We expect to see China use inflammatory rhetoric and disinformation in the coming days," Kirby added.

Swing traders love 'rhetoric n disinformation', but some have gone ...


2022-08-02 11:52 | Report Abuse

Taiwan, Shanghai n HK markets down 2-3%.

Pelosi is Italian... she will do what she says, and an Italian never thinks about the consequences. Never mess with an Italian... you can't scare her but she can scare you!

If Taiwan semiconductor industry is down, perhaps Malaysia's semiconductor will shine.
Pelosi is in Malaysia for some deals - certainly not about gloves, palm oil n forced labour


2022-07-29 11:14 | Report Abuse

What's important to note in Unisem's report is the mention of
"The higher profit before taxation was primarily attributable to improved gross profit margins and the appreciation of USD/MYR exchange rates."

This is going to apply for the Malaysia OSAT companies results this qtr.


2022-07-27 18:11 | Report Abuse

Mobile Vendor Market Share in China - June 2022



2022-07-27 18:06 | Report Abuse

Mobile Vendor Market Share in United Kingdom - June 2022



2022-07-27 18:01 | Report Abuse

Mobile Vendor Market Share Malaysia | Statcounter Global Stats
Percentage Market Share: Mobile Vendor Market Share in Malaysia - June 2022; Apple: 26.94 % Samsung: 17.2 % Oppo: 12.92 % Huawei: 12.7 % Xiaomi: 11.42 % Vivo: 11.08 % .......


2022-07-27 17:59 | Report Abuse

BEST SELLING PHONES IN INDIA Last Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022 There are many bestselling smartphones across price categories in India. If you want to get your hands on such a smartphone, then we have listed some of these bestselling smartphones that you can buy right now. #1 Apple iPhone 13

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2022-07-26 09:48 | Report Abuse


1. High inventory of palm oil stocks. Indonesia will have 10 M tonnes of stocks by end of July. Malaysia took 2 years to reduce inventory from 2 M to 1.5 M tonnes. For a long time, Malaysia has some 10% of its annual production as stocks. Now Indonesia has some 20% as stocks while producing some 4 M tonnes of palm each month. It already happening in Indonesia, when your tanks are full at the mills, the harvesting has to stop. In Malaysia, the inventory stocks are adding some 6% each month. Knowing oil palm, the second half of the year procduces some 60% of the annual crop.
2. There is a significant increase of fertiliser costs in plantations. Plantations use lots of Potash, Nitrates and Phosphates. The costs are already eating into the profits and margins. Most Quarterly results will show increased revenues but net profits remain prosaic.
3. FFB yields per hectare and labour productivity have not increased for the past years in Malaysia. Harvesting, maintenance and transport of produce has remained the same. There is shortage of labour, increased in minimum wages and higher fuel prices. Minimum wage of RM1500 means all maintenance workers cost will rise. Higher palm prices mean harvesters are paid more because they are piece-rated based on palm oil prices.

So, lower palm prices and higher operating costs is the tide you are going to face...


2022-07-09 10:36 | Report Abuse

What's Next for Broadcom, Inari, Apple, Samsung with RF and Wifi 6....

An entirely new canvas...


2022-07-09 10:35 | Report Abuse

What's Next for Broadcom, Inari, Apple, Samsung with RF and Wifi 6....

An entirely new canvas...https://www.fiercewireless.com/devices/samsung-vp-wi-fi-6e-entirely-new-canvas


2022-07-05 10:15 | Report Abuse

What happened to RSS interest in Inari?


2022-07-05 10:14 | Report Abuse

EPF & KWP are accumulating, albeit slowly......
On Jan 2022, EPF has 6.1% shareholdings, today 8.35%.
On Jan 2022, KWP has 8% shareholdings, today direct & indirect 9%.
Progressing ....


2022-01-05 12:10 | Report Abuse

Breakouts have begun in TSMC (in nyse), Foxconn (in twse), Frontken (in klse)...
Just wait for Dnex's turn this tiger year...


2022-01-04 19:12 | Report Abuse

RSS is now turning the boat around (piloted by Trev, Bob & Minah?)
Date RSS vol(M) %
13/12/21 25.203 0.8
21/12/21 21.943 0.7
03/01/22 20.044 0.6


2021-12-22 17:53 | Report Abuse

When asked "do you think crypto is going to replace the dollar?"
Jack Dorsey replied: "Yes, bitcoin will."
If you like Zainal better than Jack, buy Dnex.
Anyway, Twitter, Oil & Semicon are all trending...


2021-12-22 17:40 | Report Abuse

RSS started to change course n changing plans this week.
Already bot back 3 M shrs. It's an inflection point.
HODL 'til next year.


2021-12-15 16:29 | Report Abuse

If US is not serious about its machinations, why do you think Anthony Blinken is visiting S E Asian countries and setting up the groundwork?

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2021-12-15 12:12 | Report Abuse

If a rating agency rate your company as "RD" (restricted default) that means the company is in distress and unable to make due interest payments to its bondholders.
Serbadk and Evergrande are recently rated as "RD" and therefore are in distress.


2021-12-15 11:17 | Report Abuse

Forget about the noise & distress from Omicron, Evergrande, Serbadk & Sapura...
Just wait for SilTerra to develop....

◉Anthony Blinken's visit : How Putrajaya and Washington mulling to renew defence/maritime cooperation and explore new joint inititatives & investment. All Malaysia asked is " Show me the money"...

◉Paul Gelsinger's visit : Intel will strengthen its global service center by expanding the production capacity of Malaysia’s advanced semiconductor packaging plant. With this US$7B. investment, Malaysia will be positioned as one of the major centers of manufacturing and shared services... Plans in Malaysia will underscore how Asian semicon manufacturing will be crucial to Paul & Intel turnaround efforts.

◉Potential US ban on SMIC could choke China's semiconductor supply chain.
Bear in mind the words... "I have not seen any manufacturer that can make chips without U.S. technologies"


2021-12-12 13:57 | Report Abuse

There are rumors that the US Department of Defense is ready to come up with a proposal to restrict the Chinese SMIC chipmaker’s access to lithographic equipment and components from American manufacturers.

Just wait for it to happen.


2021-12-08 13:37 | Report Abuse

This is just a speculative venture on the first EV to be manufactured in Malaysia by Foxconn.
Stellantis already bot over Naza auto plant in Gurun.
With the Stellantis n Foxconn JV, it's imperative to sign an LTA contract with Silterra.



2021-11-12 11:12 | Report Abuse

Watching the fire... RSS is burning!


2021-10-18 22:26 | Report Abuse

“The real king of the jungle is not the lion, the real king of the jungle is the jungle itself! "


2021-10-18 22:25 | Report Abuse

Some who write here in I3 have mild DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or commonly known as multiple personality disorder. You know it's showing symptoms when the "core" personality starts to congratulate or pat the "alter" personality. Some people with DID can have up to 100 alters. Other symptoms can be 'anxiety', anger, etc. (especially when their investments are not going their way).

The most effective treatment is therapy or group counselling. With counselling, we can help to merge your separate identities into a single identity.

We are here to help because we all have same interests (in Dnex).


2021-10-17 22:13 | Report Abuse

David, Nuraslina's father is Zainal Abidin bin Md Saad (ex-Finance Director of Genaxis).
Nura was the MD for Genaxis a few mths ago.... now MD of Theta Edge.
Theta shr price dropped 17% on Friday to RM1.20, 10 days ago it was RM 2.19

Kramer vs Kramer can be a metaphor for Zainal vs Zainal vs Zainal ...
No need to spell out so much details....


2021-10-15 16:42 | Report Abuse

You may wonder what's the litigation suit is about?
They were all interested parties in Dnex just 6 mths ago.

Try to think of it like the TV show ' Game of Thrones' or the movie 'Kramer vs Kramer'


2021-10-15 16:07 | Report Abuse

David, you asked whether Nuraslina and Zainal are related?
All I can tell is that Zainal has invested in Theta some time ago
... it's in the news....


2021-10-15 09:17 | Report Abuse

RSS has moved Dnex up to position10 in their top most listed shorted stocks in Bursa.
My guess is that some inside main shareholders are giving info to RSS for them to short.
They will short in advance when they have info on stuff like Silterra top Mgt under investigation, litigation case on the table, etc. Knowing that such negative info can depress prices is their MO... that's how RSS work.

I keep saying it's not fair game because they have inside info in advance.
I suppose some here are sleeping with RSS.

Wonder why Bursa do not take action against those with advance info and unfair advantage in trades.... ???


2021-10-14 12:04 | Report Abuse

Simple valuation of Dnex assets.....

Ping Petroleum- recent purchase of 60% at USD78M. So at 90% Ping is valued at USD 117M or RM 500M today.

NSW & Services, etc. has RM200M revenue and net profit of RM20M .
At PE=20, can value at RM 400M.

Silterra ... anybody's guess.... but to build a 48,000 wafers/mth foundry (200mm wafers) will need at least USD 1 -1.5 B. or RM 4-6 B.

Total Enterprise value RM 500M + RM 400M + RM 5 B... = RM 5.9 B.

Apa Lagi Mau, Malaysians ?


2021-10-12 01:25 | Report Abuse

What's the litigation all about? As I see it ... my personal take.
The plaintiff left Genaxis (now owned by Dnex) to head Theta Edge's 5G as CEO.
Dnex bot over plaintiff's shrs in Genaxis and agreements all signed.
After some thoughts, plaintiff now not so happy with the deal.
But the deal is done. If the shrs are already sold, how to ask for profit?


2021-09-25 09:30 | Report Abuse

Just remember to get together next week to 'yaki' RSS...
They had you for sushi for so many weeks already...

('yaki' means to grill in Japanese)


2021-09-25 08:48 | Report Abuse

No need to know so much where the RM millions come from...
If you take of the cents(or sense), the dollar will take of itself...

..... as long as there's net cash, more productive assets (more Ping) and a billion-dollar wafer foundry.... come together with a shortage of gas, coal, oil and chips....


2021-09-14 17:39 | Report Abuse

Looks like RSS stopped their feeding today....
I reckon it scent blood sometime in August on Silterra Mgt upheaval and doubled up on their scavenging activity to yesterday. Maybe it didn't work as expected ....
How come they can smell blood earlier than others, I wonder?