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2023-09-15 12:33 | Report Abuse

Callilng all JOE shareholders
Pls Vote against the proposal of consolidating the shares. Pls exercise your rights. The bunch of monkey syndicates actually DO NOT hold decisive votes, meaning they DO NOT even own 30% of the JOE.


2023-04-19 09:46 | Report Abuse

Take note in the news that reports Prlexus vs SMI. Long term effects on Prlexus. Many2 con men in the market.


2023-03-24 10:45 | Report Abuse

I don't know if the share price is due to margin call. From the Bursa announcement, I know the biggest shareholder is holding around 61%. He will not do anything to hurt his fortune.
Just monitor the share price, ignore all the sampah messages.


2023-03-10 09:42 | Report Abuse

DSS is coming. I can't tell the time, but the way it goes, clearly shows a much higher price in hte coming weeks.


2023-02-28 16:53 | Report Abuse

DRB closed 1.42. Big volume was dumped at RM1.42 at 4:50pm. Bad bad sign. Vrooooooooooooooooommmm.
I think buyers are better be wary of the bad trend.


2023-02-27 11:56 | Report Abuse

Alamak....rolll over heavily at 21c. No follwers. Main sendiri, sendiri shiok.


2023-02-25 03:08 | Report Abuse

2022 merely 2 comments?


2023-02-22 16:47 | Report Abuse

I know everyone is so excited about privatization, however would that finally come true? I think DRB is a political stock which warrants to study from political aspect.
We all shd know that when AI became the PM, the 1st knife was on botak Syed. Botak was asked to fork out 20mil to help the padi farmers. Why? Botak privatized the Bernas & made tonnes of $$ through the monopoly biz. Politicians in the Inner circle know about it.
Now, given the bright future of the Proton biz and it's the gem of the whole DRB group, how will AI look into the privatization deal?
I don't know, but any feedback?


2023-02-22 10:22 | Report Abuse

Nevertheless, if you are caught then no choice. To me, ¬< RM1.50 is already a buy. No contra.


2023-02-22 10:20 | Report Abuse

Those who posted 1 or 2 weeks ago, vrooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! hahahahhaha!!!!!


2023-02-22 10:18 | Report Abuse



2023-02-14 21:07 | Report Abuse


Bursa Securities has decided to:-

1. grant ANZO a further extension of time until 30 April 2023 to submit the Company's regularisation plan to the relevant authorities for approval (“Extended Timeframe”), subject to the appointment of a Principal Adviser by the Company on or before 13 March 2023 (“Prescribed Timeframe”); and

2. suspend the trading of the securities of ANZO with effect from 21 February 2023.

Bursa Securities has further decided to de-list the securities of the Company pursuant to paragraph 8.03A(3) of the Main LR in the event:-

1. the Company fails to appoint a Principal Adviser within the Prescribed Time;

2. the Compan fails to submit the regularisation plan to the relevant authorities for approval within the Extended Timeframe i.e. on or before 30 April 2023;

3. the Company fails to obtain the approval for the implementation of its regularisation plan and does not appeal within the timeframe (or extended timeframe, as the case may be) prescribed to lodge an appeal;

4. the Company does not succeed in its appeal; or

5. the Company fails to implement its regularisation plan within the timeframe or extended timeframes stipulated by the relevant authorities.

Upon occurrence of any of the events set out in paragraphs (1) to (5) above, the securities of the Company will be removed from the Official List of Bursa Securities upon expiry of two ( 2) market days from the date the Company is notified by Bursa Securities or on such date as may be specified by Bursa Securities.


2023-01-20 17:31 | Report Abuse

vrooommmmmmmm huat............ ang .........................pow.................. ?????????????????????????????????????
Closed 1.66 before CNY.


2023-01-12 09:39 | Report Abuse

This stock has few institutional players, the volume could be created mostly by some local players. If they have no action, this stock will be dead flat.
The only upside for the stock is, it wrote down bad debts which could possibly be collected back, so we may see sudden spike in the profit for 1 or 2 Qs. I think for the revenue wise, it can't go very far yet.


2023-01-12 09:34 | Report Abuse

I don't mean it shd be delisted, but I did say Bursa is taking abnormal long time to make decision on the regularization plan, hence making the stock still tradable in the market. This is not fair to the novice players. I am hereby suggesting the MOF to initiate investigation into Bursa's operation for any possible fraud or misconduct.


2023-01-12 09:27 | Report Abuse

Inexperience players still think vrommmm.... I think it's going to drift towards 1.56.


2023-01-10 02:56 | Report Abuse

So much of hypes in the discussion. I have noticed & monitored this stock closely even before the announcement, I think the timing could still be very much unknown. If it's not in the near term, the share price could go lower than 1.50 after the 1st Q. Good luck if you think vroomm...

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2023-01-06 19:48 | Report Abuse

Notion boss is a share price manipulator. He makes more $$ in the market than from the biz. Of course, he will need someone to spread the news on the internet.


2023-01-05 21:53 | Report Abuse

Anzo is still listed & NOT SUSPENDED until today, more than 2 months after the last day to submit the regularization plan.
Bursa doesn't know whether the regularization plan could work? No man power to audit & check the regularization plan?
I would suggest MOF to check on the Bursa's operation.


2023-01-02 17:30 | Report Abuse

WHY BURSA has yet to suspend the trading on ANZO? Already 2 calendar months after the last day of regularization plan. Though ANZO submitted but the other party withdrew from the signed MOU.

Can the Finance Ministry direct the SC & Bursa to look into the company? Corruption elements could be at play.


2022-12-21 02:02 | Report Abuse

EPF is selling DRB now. WHY?
EPF also sold out Media Prima at bottom low price 12c. The buyer was this Syed botak. WHY?


2022-06-22 22:27 | Report Abuse

Surprisingly, MI is considered strong & holding very well today.


2022-06-20 11:29 | Report Abuse

If you think MayBulk will remain as a bulk shipper, keep on dreaming. If you think it can't go lower, keep and hold it tightly, you will be given chance to buy at much lower price later so that you can average your total costs. hahaha....


2022-06-15 22:11 | Report Abuse

Those who think the Hextar Ong will push CScenic would have truly disappointed. man man deng.


2022-06-13 21:59 | Report Abuse

Oh yessss....tmr see whether roti canai or abalone.


2022-06-13 21:32 | Report Abuse

If you buy a little bit more, banker will push it down... Test to see if your heart is strong


2022-06-13 21:30 | Report Abuse

Hon ceased to be a major shareholder after disposed off shares to JOE at 30c. Now he is back!!! Hahaha... All the jokers in the KL ShitExchange KLSE


2022-06-09 22:00 | Report Abuse

Stay away from this conman counter. Don't give the hard earned $$ away, there are other good stocks which you can invest / speculate / trade.


2022-06-09 21:47 | Report Abuse

Bursa will reply this week...? You have made similar speculation for weeks...
Jgn cakap lah kalau tak ada inside infor.


2022-06-09 21:41 | Report Abuse

The issue is, GE could be coming. Ayam naik harga...? This is a tricky move at this timing.


2022-06-09 21:39 | Report Abuse

Obviously, the stock will be higher in the short term. If you have observed the stock for the past few days, you will feel the underlying strength.


2022-06-07 23:28 | Report Abuse

Hopeless. Let Asiafile buy more


2022-06-07 23:26 | Report Abuse

Result is not bad, but still not exciting enough.


2022-06-02 11:44 | Report Abuse

1. Who is the major shareholders of JOE?
2. Willam sold at 30c? No under table, You sure?

Anzo was issued letter from Bursa for delisting. If Anzo mati, many super penny stocks will die as most of them do not have proper biz but goreng biz in KL ShitExhcange.
Take note, traders. Jgn mati pun tak tahu sebab2nya.


2022-06-02 11:37 | Report Abuse

LHI may move up slightly in the short term. Interested traders take note.


2022-05-31 16:27 | Report Abuse

Looks like I made the wrong bet. Stuck with it for a longer period.


2022-05-31 16:26 | Report Abuse

All the listed companies in this biz -- agrochemical / animals nutritional health /.... are damned quiet. Rhonema, Yenher, PLab..semua tidur. Only Imaspro's share price is active, but it's a very2 tightly held counter.


2022-05-30 10:38 | Report Abuse

To those who still think MayBulk future focus will still be the dry bulk shipping biz, pls wake up. Robert Kuok has sold the controlling stake in Maybulk, new owner's biz apparently is the property development.
Whether Robert Kuok will clear off all the remaining shares will be monitored closely.


2022-05-03 23:46 | Report Abuse

Hello Morgan NotSteady, still buy / sell 1 share & made announcement? are making yourself like a joker in the market.
Malu lah...


2022-04-28 20:57 | Report Abuse

@tklim you want to take over a PLC? Anzo is cheaper.


2022-04-28 20:56 | Report Abuse

Hello Morgan Not Steady....can you be a MAN? Buy or sell 1 million shares next time, instead of buy / sell 1 share?
Malu lah 1 share and make announcement.


2022-04-28 09:40 | Report Abuse

Anyone can enlighten me, why Anzo received the Delisting letter from Bursa?
"Paragraph 8.03A of the MMLR"? Anyone can provide the link Or guide and explain paragraph 8.03A?


2022-04-14 15:12 | Report Abuse

Pisang dah masak. besok goreng stok lain.


2022-04-07 21:28 | Report Abuse

This is a counter controlled by syndicate Pang. Get out before it drops to cents...


2022-04-07 21:24 | Report Abuse

Kanasai no brain. Why did you post the message then? You just collect & collect & collect lor!!!


2022-04-07 21:19 | Report Abuse

Disappointed with this counter. Basically the packaging sector is not performing, though the results are not bad.


2022-04-07 17:28 | Report Abuse

today has better volumen. Either:
1. One day show. Besok mati liao.
2. Slowly edge up to 25c then bigger push to make it nearer to 30c. After all, this stock has not been played at all Or has not been played up for a long2 time.