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2020-05-05 08:34 | Report Abuse

NOTION making the HDD parts, a sunset industry. Digital storage are migrating to SSD...

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2020-05-03 20:23 | Report Abuse

Current world oil storage almost full lor....how to pump more....wait after June to get clearer picture...


2020-04-23 17:28 | Report Abuse

Currently, business environment not good and in the uncertainty, mainly in O & G. So, trade or invest prudently. Have billion project also cannot ascertain to be executed. Executed also can be many hurdles....


2020-04-22 22:11 | Report Abuse


Bangladeshi garment workers face ruin as global brands ditch clothing contracts amid coronavirus pandemic


2020-04-22 11:02 | Report Abuse


The collapse of Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd. after the briefest of fights indicates the world’s weakest airlines have little time to secure funds before they succumb to the coronavirus....


2020-04-21 15:39 | Report Abuse

Glove big bro drop lor.....kicik pinya counter follow big bro lol...big bro masuk longkang...kicik pinya pun bule masuk longkang...follow the herd...


2020-04-21 09:25 | Report Abuse

pump & dump is no good....to any stock....don't be the last one that hold the baby....


2020-04-21 09:20 | Report Abuse

O&G sulah betul2 collapsed....May future simalam....negative woooo...bad sign....


2020-04-21 09:17 | Report Abuse

GEt ready...unload before uncle unload.....huhuhuhuhuhu....


2020-04-16 22:58 | Report Abuse

Rubberex glove is industrial glove....not a medical glove, produced by comfort, supermax, harta...


2020-04-16 16:34 | Report Abuse

Technical chart, starting end of Jan, supermax and comfort quite similar...


2020-04-16 16:29 | Report Abuse

aiyoo...big volume and green....all positive...


2020-04-16 10:23 | Report Abuse

break-out, stubborn resistant already broken lol..


2020-04-13 12:22 | Report Abuse

MrKamKL As of today comfort is only run its operation at 30% workforce, this is the only right grant by Gov so far. We ask for more permission, but seems ignore by them.


Jgn kasik malu sama company lor, re-apply lol.....encik kam baru satu post maa....haiyaaakkk....30% maa, if granted...3x can go maaa....bole terebang lol....


2020-04-13 12:06 | Report Abuse

monetary if bos is goreng kaki he is foolish not to take advantage of covid19. wait another 18 to 20 yrs?
13/04/2020 12:01 PM

Simua company sikali sikala bos ada goreng maaa.....haiyaaakkk.....lugi lar tak goreng....


2020-04-13 11:54 | Report Abuse

JN88 This counter basically goreng buy boss.....boss ESOS at 0.40 ...selling at rm 1...you dare to buy ar?
13/04/2020 11:44 AM

Ini, bila pinya tahun ESOS aaaa.....dulu last pinya sulah cancelled maaa.....please provide link lor...


2020-04-13 11:01 | Report Abuse

Don't worry, glove and mask will be the event theme this year...though index may be masuk longkang.....huuhuhuhu...backlog order also sulah sampai hujung tahun....


2020-04-04 11:15 | Report Abuse


Report: Northern Malaysia-Thai border to reopen — but only to allow latex imports for rubber glove production


2020-04-03 11:51 | Report Abuse

World demands already outnumbered supply...see news of kossan have to sell land plot to add new production lines..


2020-04-02 18:04 | Report Abuse

No way back...2020 is a glove event....


2020-04-02 12:45 | Report Abuse

US punya airlines...semua sudah kena bail out lol....


2020-04-01 17:03 | Report Abuse

Musang also one of the carrier woo...cat and dog already got infected and died...


2020-04-01 16:56 | Report Abuse

Durian pon also...no..no..itu bat, squirrel suka makan, manyak bahaya woo..itu Corona carrier....hshaha


2020-04-01 16:47 | Report Abuse

Do we have other choices?
1. Lockdown, extend till Corona stop, then business as usual.
2. Business as usual, pandemic becomes worse, a lot of fatalities, at the end business also collapse. Semua org takut...health system also may collapse...
3. ....


2020-04-01 09:42 | Report Abuse

Mohidin contribute nothing to oil...world price already touch below usd20...hiyaaak

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2020-04-01 00:16 | Report Abuse

For critical products they can apply to MITI...


2020-03-30 13:22 | Report Abuse

Miker! Just buying time! Eventually China too experience blowback from 2nd wave! If not, the economic impact itself would be severe! So severe even CCP will perish!


Don't worry lol...when the vaccine is ready...gomen akan cucuk semua olang ...new immunisation injection...and the we are waiting by new strain of coroooo....


2020-03-30 13:05 | Report Abuse

Why China already won hah?...they just implemented the sop that attack the weaknesses of Corona lol...haiyaakk..you see what happened to Italy, Spain? ...latest one New York City...itu pakcik Trump sudah penin....in this war Tak bole guna jet fighter...bom atom..super sophisticated weapon..haiyaakkk...


2020-03-30 12:57 | Report Abuse

First and foremost to win this fight is to understand the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy...one if the weakness is distance social....


2020-03-30 12:54 | Report Abuse

At the time vaccine ready...Corona may already mutated to another coroooo.....the vaksin is useful as a new immunisation lol...


2020-03-30 12:49 | Report Abuse

It is already in scientific research lor...covid-19 will be as normal flu that we experience everyday...telan Panadol sudah ok lol. This outbreak because of the early evolution of the Corona virus...go reading lar...


2020-03-30 12:44 | Report Abuse

China already won the fight...haiyaakkk...no antivirus, no drug..just simple solution maa...lockdown yourself....this war...no need technologies...no need any weapon lol...that why...developed countries will loose this war...no need sophisticated weapon lor...haiyaakkk...


2020-03-27 11:11 | Report Abuse

PublicInvest Research Headlines - 24 Mar 2020
Author: PublicInvest | Publish date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020, 9:14 AM

Comfort Gloves: FY20 net profit higher at RM33.18m . Comfort Gloves posted a firmer set of results for the financial year ended Jan 31,2020 at RM33.18m, up 19% from the RM27.89m a year ago underpinned by stronger revenue growth. The specialty glove manufacturer said its revenue rose by 8% to RM510.74m from RM474.03m a year ago. Comfort Gloves said its emphasis on natural and synthetic premium speciality gloves will continue to provide it opportunities for growth and improvement. On the prospects for the rubber glove manufacturing sector, Comfort Glove said it remained strong with increasing demand arising from switching trends towards nitrile glove. (Starbiz)

"..... On the prospects for the rubber glove manufacturing sector, Comfort Glove said it remained strong with increasing demand arising from switching trends towards nitrile glove...."


2020-03-27 11:04 | Report Abuse

Comfort Gloves - A Just in Time Expansion; Reiterate BUY
Author: rhboskres | Publish date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020, 5:18 PM

Maintain BUY and MYR1.08 TP, 80% expected total return, on FY21F P/E of 18x – lower than peers’ 27x 1-year forward average P/E. FY20 (Jan) earnings were within expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global surge in demand for gloves. We think Comfort Gloves is on the right track to catch the wave given its timely commencement of new lines, ongoing research and development and capacity expansion to fulfil rising demand. We expect a busy year ahead for the gloves manufacturer.

A good close to the year. Comfort Gloves’ FY20 earnings of MYR33.2m were within expectations, at 104% of our full-year estimates. Net profit jumped 19% YoY, on the back of higher revenue (+8% YoY) and better productivity. QoQ, net profit margin chalked up to 7.4%, from 5.5% in 3QFY20, mainly due to disciplined cost rationalisation and better product mix. We believe this could also have been contributed by lower raw materials costs.
Lower net gearing position. As at 4QFY20, net gearing reduced from 0.24x to 0.16x, given pared down borrowings and higher cash piles. Assuming the majority of the cash is to be ploughed back to support business expansion, we expect FY21F DPS of 2 sen (3% yield), slightly higher than FY19’s 1.5 sen.

No change to FY21F earnings. Meanwhile, we introduce FY23F earnings at MYR46m.
Six new lines commenced in 1QFY21. The six new lines commenced operation in Feb 2020. This, alongside the existing 49 production lines in the two plants in Simpang and Matang, Taiping, are running at close to full capacity, which collectively can produce between 430-450m pieces of gloves/month. In our view, the commencement of the new lines was timely as it helps to cater for both existing demand as well as the global surge in demand – arising from the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond current expansion, we believe more capacity may be added in the future, as the company had acquired about 39 acres of land in Perak in 2018 that can potentially house more capacity ahead. As demand for nitrile and specialty gloves increase, the potential capacity expansion could help to capture more market share moving forward, in our view, given its niche in the premium specialty gloves segment.

Risks to our call are higher-than-expected increases in raw material prices, and heightened competition among the rubber glove players.
Source: RHB Securities Research - 24 Mar 2020


2020-03-25 13:46 | Report Abuse


Covid-19 shutdown: Factories for face masks, sanitisers, gloves can continue operations in Malaysia


2020-03-24 11:05 | Report Abuse

This qtr result up to Jan 20, not for Feb 20 above....outbreak of Covid, peak on Feb-March lol....next qtr even better result....
hooi Next quarter kena virus
No output due to movement restriction
23/03/2020 8:37 PM


2020-03-23 20:27 | Report Abuse

All time high, revenue, pbt...huhuhuhu...next qtr should even better...


2020-03-23 15:35 | Report Abuse

Dow futures still red lol...low...can become lower....


2020-03-19 00:25 | Report Abuse

Insider selling for big bro take over ka?...Haiyakkkkkk...sape ada info???


2020-03-10 10:00 | Report Abuse

glove counters sustained vs Corona virus....vs oil price slump...

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2020-03-09 13:30 | Report Abuse

Posted by hollandking > Mar 9, 2020 1:07 PM | Report Abuse

I strongly believe the whole thing is a show. I believe the mastermind is TDM. Actually all the politicians since last year they already knew this thing was going on. The reason why I suspect he is related to the whole thing is bcoz of one very important thing, you guys didnt noticed. On the day PN went to the palace to submit the nomination of TSMY, and early of the day, PH reached consensus with TDM and he agreed. Then after that, the PH top leaders all went to the palace to give him the support. BUT there was one person missing, it was TDM. You know what he did that day, he went to his grandaughter wedding, then not sure later of the day what did he do, but he never went to the palace. Then some time in the evening, the palace announced TSMY as PM. So why after all the PH leaders went to palace, why he didn't ??????


Agong don't want to see him maaa....

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2020-03-08 12:51 | Report Abuse

This is not new. ex-UMNO members, still have UMNO DNA. Anywhere they go, same mess they will make....in BERSATU: 1. Real BERSATU member 2. UMNO blood member....


2020-03-07 11:15 | Report Abuse

Mohidin, based on politic experience, 'slow' in his actions. Susah mau pircaya kalau Mohodin can boot out those two factions. Anwar may be can but Tun already lost grip. See what happen when he have took decision to resign as BERSATU chairman....he already could not control the Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi (MPT) BERSATU...


2020-03-07 11:03 | Report Abuse

Not that easy. BERSATU has 2 factions:

1. Real BERSATU blood
2. UMNO blood

We have already seen #2 always acted like UMNO.
In PKR, we have a traitor faction that will exploit any opportunities exist.
I 100% agreed with your list, but we also need several competent DAPs members with no bad backgrounds.
To make it clean and looks clean gov, the UMNO bloods and traitor factions must be booted out.