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2 months ago | Report Abuse

Woah, do you have any recommendation of how to learn python? I have a lot of money, may I know how to pay for the training? I have TnG, M2U, HLB connect, CIMBclicks, PB engage etc. Do you have any link for me? or apk that is not in the play store to download? I am very excited!

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2 months ago | Report Abuse

Hi Tan KW,
Thanks for spending time doing these.

my pick for 2023:

INSAS 20% - High FCF, Cash is way way higher than it's capital. Gamble, hope there is a special dividend
REDTONE 20% - Good fundamental, possible switch to main board
HARBOUR 20% - Good results in previous year, unlikely but hopefully continue to have good business
SUNVIEW 20% - RE stock, ESG friendly
DNEX 20% - Speculative, hope they can settle the issue


2022-12-16 12:36 | Report Abuse

wow, is this insider news?

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2022-11-25 08:22 | Report Abuse

How to report?
I also want report

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2022-11-25 07:30 | Report Abuse

saudi arabia good, can win argentina


2022-11-24 21:31 | Report Abuse

please don't let lge become finance minister...

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2022-11-24 21:28 | Report Abuse

Saw the title, I thought is serbak Karim...


2022-11-23 07:07 | Report Abuse

i support messi become pm-10


2022-11-22 22:45 | Report Abuse

No ar Bob...
Total have 221 now after today morning.
PH 82, PN 73, BN 30, GPS 23, GRS 6, Warisan 3, PBM 1, KDM1, Bebas 2, So total 221 (1 more to be vote on 7Dec)

GRS I assume is Bersatu punya is it?... Since the presiden is from Bersatu Sabah (the bersatu's red hibiscus logo)

Assume GPS can U-turn...
They need 4 more to become 112... and the 4: PBM 1, KDM1, Bebas 2, got chance?


2022-11-22 22:19 | Report Abuse

phone lambat, phone should phone early early ma..
now phone phone late liao, resulting now phone phone people also, people don't want to angkat phone to support phone liao...


2022-11-22 21:58 | Report Abuse

GRS I assume is Bersatu punya is it?... Since the presiden is from Bersatu Sabah (the red hibiscus logo),
they need 4 more to become 112... And there are 4 lone wolf in Sabah and Sarawak: 2 Bebas, 1 Parti Bangsa Malaysia, 1 Parti Kesejahteraan Demokratik Masyarakat, got chance?
(112 + PN73 + BN30 + GRS6 = 221 , I think my math is correct right?)


2022-11-20 20:24 | Report Abuse

UMNO really should think properly.
Get rid of Zahid is a must. It is for best for Malaysia.
But if UMNO decide to join PN, next GE, where is the place for UMNO?
They want to fight PH in the city? Or to gain back the fortress that captured by PN?


2022-11-20 20:19 | Report Abuse

Are Malaysian cheap labour for Singapore?


2022-11-20 19:39 | Report Abuse

sslee, will you sell your insas also?


2022-11-20 17:29 | Report Abuse

Then whole Malaysia's chinese baru realize... All this while, UEC is just something that MCA and DAP used to cheat tickets from chinese voter... hahahahaha...


2022-11-20 17:25 | Report Abuse

What if...
After PAS take over putrajaya... take the education ministry role...
and then successfully finish the last miles of recognize UEC... hahahahaha...


2022-11-16 21:55 | Report Abuse

Who win then only will have this Disney?


2022-11-13 08:35 | Report Abuse

untouched and still virgin


2022-10-24 20:11 | Report Abuse

Yes, Rakuten will be abit slower and cannot apply IPO, but can buy US stock.
You can try other platform. I am using MPlus but so far I saw the cheapest suppose is AffinHwang.

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2022-10-20 20:14 | Report Abuse

They said malay is poor, so need to help the poor.
So they impose those kind of 51% bumiputra equity thing.
This will just make the rich richer.
The poor didn't get anything from it.

If they really want to help the poor, they should be imposing 51% B40 to own the local firm.
Amanah saham not for bumiputra, but amanah saham for B40.
A portion of IPO reserved for B40, but not reserved to bumiputra.
Let the poors benefits from it. Neglecting what race they are.

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2022-10-20 19:51 | Report Abuse

From what I see, actually DAP acting more like pro-US/taiwan... always speak about freedom, want this freedom, that freedom, speech freedom...
But a lot of pro-China uncle (which thinks that their motherland/tanah air/祖国 is China) are supporting DAP, making other people think that DAP is pro-communist.

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2022-10-19 21:26 | Report Abuse

uncle so geng... after this post... cpo starting to slowly climb back...

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2022-10-13 21:59 | Report Abuse

Yes, Income is right.
Now, individual cannot hop to other party after the anti hopping law.
But if whole party hop to ally with other party, it is still allowed.
So a lot of party don't want to make a stance, because they want to see who win and give them more benefits, then only decide to join. And suddenly one day tak syok, they can pull out their support and ally with another party.


2022-10-01 21:20 | Report Abuse

Hey, me first, before Tobby comment!

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2022-09-20 22:24 | Report Abuse

They will continue to play it, because if they don't play, then MCA will come out and pickup the gun on floor and shoot DAP back: Why you don't fight for chinese/indian? We're being treated unfairly!! Then they will win back a few votes.

One of the most powerful gun is UEC recognition. If DAP is the government, MCA can use it to shoot DAP. If MCA is the government, DAP will use it to shoot MCA.

Same thing to UMNO PAS BERSATU, if they don't appear to fight for their own race/religion, their opponent with the same identity will do the same.

It is a vicious circle in Malaysia politics that couldn't be broken.

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2022-09-20 22:02 | Report Abuse

Sometimes I feel they are the same.

PAS and UMNO always fight for muslim and malay, they play race card, victim card, brainwash their own people, slander about other race or religion, because their audience is muslim and malay, so they not really care about what indian or chinese think.

DAP always fight for chinese and indian, they also play race card, victim card, brainwash their own people, how unfair they are being treated, because their audience is chinese and indian, they don't want to lose their vote to MCA and MIC.

In the end, because of them, we no longer can be good friend with each other. It's really sad.

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2022-08-31 10:18 | Report Abuse

Tobby join force with qqq3333 already?


2022-08-30 23:34 | Report Abuse

Ya, that's what mahathir advice last time. Eat less.
Then you can still active in politics even in 97 years old.


2022-08-06 09:06 | Report Abuse

What does this means?
Does this mean that even after GE15, if no majority win from any party, then definitely a few parties need to ally to form a government. And then suddenly one party can suka suka withdraw support? and then re-elect again?


2022-07-31 21:20 | Report Abuse

Do you really think that without country, race and religion, the world will be peace and no more fight?
Without country, race and religion, people will still fight for each other to benefits theirs own family, friends etc...

I believe the concept of country, race and religion, is just an excuse for a group of people working together to compete with each other for the limited resources in earth.


2022-07-02 22:58 | Report Abuse

2nd quarter probably can earn 70-80m, eps around 3 sen, give 2 sen dividend...

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2022-06-25 18:19 | Report Abuse

America down, China down.
Maybe it's time for Malaysia to shine.

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2022-06-24 07:15 | Report Abuse

your hatred of western is a product of your up bringing, but its wrong

People have the right to not obsessed with China too...not like qqq3333 just love every in China.

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2022-06-23 20:52 | Report Abuse

Hmm... I think you are still wrong, maybe the right one is Biden and western media .
But it's ok, I respect your thought. Let's agree to disagree then.

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2022-06-23 09:35 | Report Abuse

@river...your hatred of China is a product of your up bringing, but its wrong

Nope, quite the opposite.
My parents are buddist, loves China, dislike Islam.
Myself is atheist. Brainwashed by western media, lol.

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2022-06-23 08:39 | Report Abuse

I think most religion their intention is actually good one. Christian, Islam, Buddha etc.

But imagine there is a Christian version of qqq3333, a islamic version of qqq3333... All different version of qqq3333 admire their leader unconditionally, think his own side is always right and opponents is always wrong.

The world will never be peace.

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2022-06-21 23:53 | Report Abuse

Brother, seriously, I never hate China, and I never say CCP is wrong, there are good and bad.
I am Chinese, my ancestor are from China.
To be honest, US vs China, I still prefer China more than US.
But starting to have slight disgust with China now after all these discussion/argument with you.

Question to you is:
Why love China so much? What did China do to you?

Do you know that even if you go and apply to become China citizen, the chances are super super tiny?
They won't accept you unless you are super IT genius/talent or you are super rich can contribute them.
And CCP policy actually is not friendly with the rich, compared with the western country.

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2022-06-21 23:34 | Report Abuse

Sorry Cupcakes, my bad, seems like the one need to see doctor is only qqq3333.
I think the unconditional love from qqq3333 to CCP is abit over exaggerate.
I don't know what to say...

Fun fact to qqq3333,
Do you know if Xi accidently ate something wrong, he will sakit perut and go pangsai and his shyt is busuk one?

But I strongly believe qqq3333 will still think Xi is perfect one, his shyt is definitely pleasant smell. It's western media that influence public opinion that Xi's shyt is have foul smell.

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2022-06-21 20:43 | Report Abuse

No, I never said I know everything? How do you come out with this statement?
I totally agree with you, China the best, dealing with things foreign, on judgmental, non interference and look for win win...

But I have one question to ask you, just pick A or B:
If one day, a man name Ah Ping , he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In your opinion, is Ah Ping wrong?
A. Ah Ping is wrong
B. Ah Ping is no wrong

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2022-06-21 20:35 | Report Abuse

Like that you also cannot answer?
Ok, let me give you another another very very fictional example.

If one day, a man name James Biden, he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In my opinion, James Biden is wrong.

Question for you:
If one day, a man name Xi Ping Ping , he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In your opinion, is Xi Ping Ping wrong?

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2022-06-21 20:30 | Report Abuse

Ok, let me give you another fictional example.

If one day Biden, he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In my opinion, Biden is wrong.

Question for you:
If one day Xi, he suddenly go kill a boy without reason, just kill for fun. In your opinion, is Xi wrong?

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2022-06-21 20:13 | Report Abuse

American media wants u to hate Xi and choose XYZ u also hate Xi and pick XZY?
Answer: No, I definitely will not do that. I need to check first. If it is America who is slandering others, I will hate America.

How about you? If China Media wants u to hate America and choose Xi, u also hate America and pick Xi?
What is your answer? (Assuming this time Xi is wrong, just assume... don't tell me Xi will not wrong forever)

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2022-06-21 19:13 | Report Abuse

I can see that Tobby is neutral one la...
Got say both good thing and bad thing about China.
Got problem one is qqq3333 and Cupcakes...

qqq3333 is the one most need to see doctor... Cupcakes also...
Worship China until... I don't know how to say...

I strongly agreed that China is doing well...
I agreed that Western did a lot of bad things against China, unfairly.

But on the other hand, don't you think it's very dangerous if the whole China country behave like qqq3333?
100% trust and follow any decision made by the leader without any question.
This is banality of evil. Evil acts are not necessarily perpetrated by evil people. Instead, they can simply be the result of bureaucrats dutifully obeying orders. This is what happened during the Nazi WW2.

@qqq3333 All human is not perfect, can you state at least one bad decision / wrong doing made by Xi? and one good move / good decision made by Western country?

@Cupcakes69 Can you state at least one bad decision / wrong doing made by western country? and one good move / good decision made by China?


2022-06-20 08:25 | Report Abuse

What happen if our public transport improve?
More people taking public transport.
Fewer people buy new car.
Fewer people pump petrol.
Highway less income.

MoF mentioned that SST exemption extend for another 6 month will lose 2.5Billion.
Imagine what if they improve our public transport? How many billion they will lose each year?
Improving public transport is like breaking your own money road.

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2022-06-12 15:39 | Report Abuse


I saw my dad's FB/Youtube, it's full of video talks about how great China was:
China can built something in a day...
First XX invention is actually a Chinese people...
News about how hypocrite western country are...
News about how western bully chinese people...
Video about the perseverance China people do work...
Video showing how high-tech is China now...
How good China was, lending money to poor country...

My saw my friend which pro western country, their social media is full of:
How China force labor...
Blood history of China civil war...
China lend money to poor country with motives...
How cruel Russian are, invade Ukraine...

Algorithm know your preference, will always recommend the things you like to watch or see.
Eventually, you will get brainwashed by the algorithm itself.
Do you ever thinks that you too, are also one of a slave to media owners?
Of course you won't admit it, just like me.

I don't know why my social media is full of long leg, pretty girl dancing video. Definitely something wrong with the algorithm.

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2022-06-10 08:43 | Report Abuse

Cupcakes69 16:15 qqq3333
Pit~~Pit~~~ Half time rest a while.
What an intense game! GGWP!
qqq3333 don't give up yet, you not yet lose, jia you jia you!!
Cupcakes69, you not yet win, don't underestimate your opponent!
Good luck to both of you for the second half!

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2022-05-27 08:31 | Report Abuse

and then konmabel... (some long sentence)
and then konsslee (some long sentence copy from yesterday)