Shares Distribution from subsidiary company

[MKH] Dividend in specie on 14-Feb-2024

Announcement Date: 29-Jan-2024
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Share Registrar:
FY: 30-Sep-2024

1.0000 : 7.0000

  • Ex Date
  • Entitlement Date
Distribution of 82,487,981 ordinary shares in MKH Oil Palm (East Kalimantan) Berhad ("MKHOP") ("MKHOP Shares"), representing approximately 10.3% of MKH Berhad's (the "Company" or "MKH") equity interest in MKHOP to the entitled shareholders of the Company by way of dividend-in-specie, on the basis of 1 MKHOP Share for every 7 MKH shares held by the entitled shareholders, on the entitlement date

MKH Bhd is engaged in property development, building and civil works contracting. The company is also engaged in hotel business, property investment and management, furniture manufacturing, and oil palm cultivation. The group?s principal business segments comprise of Property Development and Construction; Plantation; Hotel and Property Investment; and Others. The company?s geographical presence is across Malaysia; The Peoples? Republic of China and Republic of Indonesia. It generates most of its geographical revenues through the Republic of Indonesia.

How to be entitled
To be entitled for any of the above, you need to purchase the shares one trading day before the ex-Date. You will not be entitled for the above if you purchase the shares on or after the ex-Date.

On ex-Date, the price will be adjusted to reflect the theoretical market price of the stock after the entitlement. You can sell the shares on / after ex-Date and still be entitled to the corporate exercise. The key is to purchase the shares before ex-Date.
How to subscribe
Shareholders that fulfill the requirement above will need to fill in and submit the right subscription form to the share registrar:

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