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I)Price reduction petrol,food and services II)The cut cost in government expenditure.Cannot all government.Must push it to private sector especially people working III)Reduce toll Iv)Reduce handout to the rich V)Reduce subsidy to big corporation The expenditure side can be save 2-4 billion usd per year.small pain

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Cut cost is one of the crucial agendas. Most important is 'INCOME' for the country. Likewise a family if you don't have income there is nothing to cut but need to feel the stomach urgently...


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Most important is to UNITE the races!
So long as there is special privileges there will be no real unity. Everyone must be equal, then Malaysia will prosper and be an economic powerhouse


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Posted by ahbah > 2022-12-21 10:36 | Report Abuse

The next most important is to bring UP our KLCI !!!!

KLCI measures EVERYTHING in our country ?


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Since DSAI as PM10, KLCI has more downs than ups…..

William Ng

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Posted by William Ng > 2022-12-21 21:33 | Report Abuse

tomolo feng shui good, many stock will push up KLCI

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