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Pak Lah

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Posted by Pak Lah > 2012-11-25 18:36 | Report Abuse

Congrats CP Teh! He’s the one that not easily taken aback just because of some nasty comments by some forummers. He’s very clear on what he’s doing. He remains positive and is determined to help others. I enjoyed reading his writings, very good English, flawless grammar. To other forummers, please brush up the English before detailing your thoughts.


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Posted by tommylou > 2012-11-25 18:38 | Report Abuse

Hahaha......pak lah u havent retired ?

KC Loh

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Posted by KC Loh > 2012-11-25 18:41 | Report Abuse

continue your good work Teh. I do like your candidness!


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Posted by AlbertLim > 2012-11-25 20:54 | Report Abuse

Pak Lah, how much Mr Teh is paying you to write here? haha... I thot you are permanently retired? hahaha....
another bla bla... this time he include his cohort ticks in it so others can see / read how 'good' he is.. all this are his known tricks to lure more more readers to join his cohort group. Pay monthly fee to see his trades or to remain in his cohort. His candidness is not candid... its all well planned & penned.
I am NOT writing this out of jealously. Just wish to remind readers NOT to fall into his trap to lure more students into his cohort. You will be greatly disappointed once you are in his cohort. Bcos what he is teaching you can read it from books. Its cheaper that way. Mr Teh is very novice in trading so he should NOT be advising students how to trade. He should remain teaching Maths.
His recent trade ( I think) TM... look at TM stock now... hahaha... A experienced trader would have profited 3x (like me) in it during contra period. Readers may go & check his comment in his blog under TM.
Pak Lah, how is my english ? good enough to write here? hahaha....


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Posted by CP TEH > 2012-11-25 22:16 | Report Abuse

Thanks Pak Lah and KC Loh. Will continue to do what is right, and will ignore noises or negative humans. We only live once, live it to the fullest and do what we needed to. Thanks and appreciate those good words(after many bad ones? haha).



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Posted by rogerlim > 2012-11-25 22:26 | Report Abuse

well,is depend on your own judgement weather you wanna believe in MR Teh or not... well,he just wanna to share his own experience and opinion here so if you think his advise it work for you then you can accept it,if not you can find your own way or looking for others that are willing to share their knowledge you....


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Posted by gumbo > 2012-11-25 22:34 | Report Abuse

Reading his Sunday activities is painful and wasted a space in the i3 forum.Yet this goof ball wants to tell everyone it is his blog. This is a info forum on trading. Dont need to know who your wife and kids are. This is not the sharing we want!!!!!


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Posted by gumbo > 2012-11-25 22:35 | Report Abuse

You are making your self look dumb here and the ppl who support you!


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Posted by skyland > 2012-11-25 22:55 | Report Abuse

This morning when i wake up, i started talk cock, afternoon I sing song & now I playing ping pong...do i need to telling these all to ppl? SHAME ON YOUUU CP Teh!!


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Posted by ktrader > 2012-11-25 23:02 | Report Abuse

Pak Lah....blimey, very good English and flawless grammar?! Joke of the day !!


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Posted by skyland > 2012-11-25 23:05 | Report Abuse

Pak Lah...my england viri pool


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Posted by gumbo > 2012-11-25 23:05 | Report Abuse

Dont sleep on the job Pak Lah!

Ram Cheong

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Posted by Ram Cheong > 2012-11-26 02:25 | Report Abuse

for me english is use for communicating here , as long as we can communicate n understand each others is already good enuf . .......... this is not english class , we are here for more important reason is share market n profit . ........... lol

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