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Posted by bsngpg > 2013-11-23 09:36 | Report Abuse

Modify the original statement to the below for self benefit:

Most of the people like PBB大美女. In the current hot market or even during the normal market she will not heed you if you come with motorcycle , Kancil or Proton. If you are patient enough to wait for the Big BEAR, 大美女矜持will drop to affordable level. Then you can bring her home as many as you want with low cost.

Can you wait for that moment? Precisely, not many can. As long as you are in, you are in. There is no such thing I am in but do not touch the girls (stocks). It is almost impossible to wait till Big Bear to touch the girls. Normally while you cannot afford the elegant girl, you will buy low quality girls for excitement............

What do I practice?
i) Buy at any self deemed appropriate time even in hot market to cure addiction on shares. (Grow along with experience, the bought counters are now relatively better in quality )
ii) Work hard to get in new fund.
iii) Continue buying during Big Bear.
iv) Sit and Wait for dividend.(Treat the investment as FD).
v) Continue work hard to get in more new fund and buy more.
vi) Sit and wait till Cow(Bull) comes home and brag and brag here in the morning of Saturday.

Cheers ! and Good Luck.


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Sorry, not me. Some 衣服 I even wear for 20 years if it is still in one piece.

At least 80% of my current portfolio has minimum 3 years holding period. On the flipside, stupid counter is held for long term too such as Notion. That is why I am not WB but somebody sits and brags here. But how do I know that Notion is stupid and Zhulian is smart? I wish I do know.

Notion : Thailand-flood, Klang-fire, HDD-down cycle. 天意弄人,非战之罪.


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Posted by bsngpg > 2013-11-23 10:28 | Report Abuse

Aiyoh, I am still lending big money to Mr Toh of Notion. I were abducted. I cannot help myself. In this round of Bull, the most screw up and stupid one is Notion which is still in red and worst still it is more red the longer I am with it. All other counters deliver significant paper gain.

L.C. Chong said it is not bad.

Do not ask me as I have a stubborn head till I reach Yellow River one day. Let me sink together with Mr Toh, you jump, I jump. Today I am Jack.

As a follower of Len Yan, if it is a rubbish, I would not hold. Unless I am a failed follower. Who knows?


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Posted by lt12 > 2013-11-23 22:32 | Report Abuse

Stocks wasn't the only way for investing..likes 1970-1980 era bonds had an unprecedented bulls yrs..

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